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  1. Larry Schneider

    Free agency is a touchy subject. Now some have gone so far as to suggest that Lucifer was “suckerpunched” if you will by God , into being a Devil, a needed entity for the the free agency of man on earth. Since there must needs be an opposition in all things. Yet somewhere I myself did read where the Lord had supposedly said,” We will now use Satan as the means of opposition”, Yeah it kinda makes it look that way, But the whole story has never really been told to us, I can put some of it together myself, but then it is only my sincere belief. My belief as far as satan goes is that he trully enjoyed his power and authority from God. He knew that it was his to enjoy and to excercise. But when he found out that he would have to give it all up to go to earth and get a body and also with the thought that he might not return likewise, he panicked. more later

  2. I certainly wish members of the church would stop being big babies and face truth sometimes and quit running and hiding. it only makes them look uninformed. But jealousie will always turn its snotty nose in the air.

  3. Lucifer was not willing to relinquish what he was enjoying in the spirit world to pass through a veil of forgetfullness, come to an earth and then return with less than he was enjoying. He went to others and voiced his concerns and sought for them to likewise consider. I personally believe that he felt like he was being set up for the fall. He was chosen for the sacrafice, that there might be a source of evil on the earth in opposition to that which is called good. That appears to be so. He was sacraficed. He knew he was gonna be sacraficed and fought vehemently against it. He tried to get as many as possible to realize that they would more than likely return with less than what they were enjoying at the time also. So they took it to the lord and sought to not have to go to earth under that stain. The Lord told them to have faith anyway and that they free angency, but Lucifer suspected a very unsettling feeling and presed the Lord for consideration as would naturally and reasonably be expected. Long story short, the Lord told Lucifer that if he did not agree to go to earth when appointed that he would lose what he was presently enjoying anyway. By and by Lucifer asked the Lord to step down and relinquish his authority as he felt that the Lord was out to get some of his children and of course the upon hearing this request immediately cast him ouy.

  4. There are some today, in the church who have this same attitude towards those they dont like. When I was baptized I immediateliy began to feel that I was sacraficed. And strangely enough, I beheld many members act as “one” in this thing and treat me as though the Lord had sacraficed me so that the devil wouldn’t get them instead. I have sufferred many unecessary things because of the evil mindedness of many members. And now I leave you with this thought. Beware, I am come to clean the house of the true God!

  5. The eary Elders of the churh said that the negro was a representative of Satan on earth. Apparently he no longer was one day. Brigham Young said that any man or woman who laid with a negro man or woman was death on the spot! Well we now know that , that was not true either. Especially after watching this black member of the church and his white wife teach white people the gospel. I saw it on the BYU station. It really makes me wonder. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this black/white couple wasn’t rubbin’ yo nose in it!

  6. I would like to further say that I desire to not be misunderstood as far lucifer goes. He pushed hard for “non-free agency to save his “career” he had in the pre-existance, but remember that he fully understood that it was by the principle of free angency that enjoyed his status that he had. I personally feel that he had nothing left to defend his status except it would be anti-free agency. What else was there? Then of course things got really nasty after that. Desperation.

  7. Larry Schneider

    Concerning the doctrine of the “negro”, I recently read statements made by early Prohets and apostles of the church and am quite astonished by the ignorance thereof. The whites today in the church still believe that they are somehow supperior to the blacks. Now the early members of the church felt that because they were white, made them automatically more supperior than the darker skinned peoples of the earth. However after looking at some of the early 1800 pictures of members of the church, the women and men, quite frankly, they would not fair much better in looks than if I were to sling a hand full of shit against the wall. Blacks are far more supperior than whites in athletic ability, musical talent, loving one another, living among eachother without looking at eachother with freaky, suspicious, paranoid, schizofrenia such as the whites. I should know, I’ve been to lds wards. So where does white supperiority come into play? Blacks are simply far more endowed than whites. Whites are losing they’re country because they are disloyal,greedy, selfish, self-righteous,snotty little children…. there’s yer sign.

  8. Regarding your October second comments and some of your others in general. You would do well not to generalise so much in your posts, e.g. “the whites today in the church still believe …” by sticking everyone in this category you show ignorance in your judgements. If you can’t make good judgements, then any actions made from these judgements can’t possibly be very effective, not that I’ve noticed any suggestions/actions. As for you black vs white superiority claim, athletic ability, you do know that’s a myth, with the studies supporting the claim being done by predominantly African or African-American Universities. that should say more than enough. Isn’t it amazing how if you concentrate on the negative, you can see it all too clearly, for example your spelling and a lot of the topics you bring up. You failed to mention African-Americans’ who were ordained into the church during Joseph Smith’s lifetime, I realise this is a wikipedia reference but better than nothing. Well alright that’s my two cents on your two-cents X 20 or so. Listen or not, that’s your choice, as is any readers who choose to accept or reject your words.

  9. For those who would consider me to be an imposter, well I’ve told the truth. Now as far as Satan goes, yes he was sacrificed. And what got him there was that he crossed a line that even I would be very reluctant to cross and that was demanding that the Lord recuse himself as our God. To step down off the throne. Yeah he crossed the line big time. And so I believe the Father was left with ,”Well, now that one of my own children has lifted his heel against me I need not seek for opposition elsewhere seeing that it is in my own house.” And He then sacrificed him because there was nothing left. Caine knew that if he didn’t turn from his plans that he would be sacrificed, but he got all stubourn and lost out. As far as my saying that “I could clean” the Lords house,well again I’ve spoken the the truth. I know myself very well and I know how people are and react to various circumstances. If I were to come into full activity in the church and open my mouth as to what I know to be the truth, and it would be, there would be many who would become exceedingly offended by me and in time leave the ward or the church alltogether. And hence I would in effect cleanse the the church of hypocrites on that wise and quite frankly I am not anxious at all to cause people to leave the church. But I know that, that would naturally occur. The only way to remain is to live solely on the love of Jesus Christ. All else will fail for sure. And people will be hurtin’ for certain. I was trying to make a point and to not offend anyone. I’ve never thought myself to be more than a man who is not much in this world. Those who know me personally rather disdain me because I’m not what they want me to be. I never thought myself to be a prophet. Ask the Lord. But I do know what I know.

  10. “But I do know what I know.”

    Whatever that is.

  11. Eric, does this offend you because I said,” I know what I know?”. Look, I have seen the course of America now for many years and I can tell you plainly that except we change our attitudes we are gonna fall hard. We come from a very noble race of people, namely the white race of people. God has blessed us to be the example setters of the world. And what have we done with it? Well we have supposed that we are better than one another. Through self-righteousness we turn our snotty little noses up at eachother, to “give the other fellow hell” at the work place and it has carried over to our personal life styles. We tend to think that we are somehow better than others. Well says who? What is your “I’m better than others theory?”I would love to hear that theory! Really, I would. Otherwise the Lord knows who his children are. He knows what they are capable under certain this or that. What if the Lord in His kindness has showed me many things? and not to afterwards cause me to think that I am better than others , but to simply say,”Hey son, this is what it is!” I’ve seen many things and know what I know. And now I will give you a glimpse of that thing I speak of by telling you of a dream I had. There I was in the middle of a wheat field in what appeared to be the dead of winter. I was facing east and a cold, uncomfortable breeze hit my face. I was very grieved because of this coldness, for I percieved that there was more to this breeze then let on for the moment. The sky was very grey, gloomy, extremely unjoyfull. And here was this this insulting wind against my face. I looked to my right and saw nothing but a “world” of wheat as far as the eye could see, all the way to the horizon. I looked forward, which would be east, and saw likewise. I instinctively knew it was the same behind me. I remember looking at the wheat I beheld and marveled at what beautiful wheat it was, even with the cold clouds and the wind blowin’ on my face. And when I looked closer at the wheat, I beheld that it was exceeding precious wheat. It had the appearance of being of pure gold. And there as it were, were swirling rainbows of color around each stalk of wheat so that I marveled at the beauty thereof. You would have had to be there to appreciate what I saw. When all of a sudden I looked to the north and along with an endless field of wheat I saw a huge, and I mean HUGE blackness comming over the earth. It occupied the whole of the northern sky, as high as it was and also from the entire horizon, from as far as the eye could see west to how far the eye could see east and straight above to how far the eye could see upwards. In other words, it entirely replaced what we know to be the blue sky, the atmosphere and when I saw this I exceedingly feared at the darkness. Yes! I was “sore afraid!” There is know one on earth who would have seen that wall of darkness and not afterwards be sore afraid. It had a life of it’s own as it were. And it was growing , upwards from the horizon and began to canapy the entire earth. It seemed to have great depth to it. It was like as though it was a living blackness.If you would look straight at it, you could it’s depth’s thereof and as you looked looked into the deeper regions, it was darker. Would not this make you sore afraid? And it was at this time in my dream that it seemed to me as though I were wide awake. The last I saw that it was creeping up from the north and covering the whole face of the planet,what we know to be the blue sky.

  12. Nope. Nothing you write could possbly offend me. I have observed that you are an insincere poser, and that having been established what you write concerns me not at all.

    Sincere people don’t go about pretending to be something they are not all the while attacking the beliefs of others with whom they have fundamental disagreements. What a sincere person does is to go out and articulate a belief system instead of constantly articulating what they don’t believe about someone else’s.

    Given all your profound revelation you should have absolutely no trouble explaining a doctrine that people who agree with you can follow, but it really ought to be something other than just anti-mormonism.

  13. Larry Schneider

    Don’t you just hate a big bully?

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