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  1. Hello;

    I just found this site on the net. I am known by most as grampa. I am a 5th generation Mormon and can't imagine myself as ever being anything else; even though I do not accept everything most members are taught, or the interpretation that most members have on some of their teachings.

    I am now 74 years of age, being born during the great depression. Why anyone would want to call it great gets me. It was not great. The mice left our home because they couldn't find anything to eat. My family moved to Boulder City NV in 1931 where my father worked on the construction of Hover Dam(Then known as Boulder Dam) where he was paid about the highest construction trade pay in the country. He made a staggering $4.00 a day, and we lived quite well. I don't know how, but we did. I like writing and discussing religion and would like very much to teach everyone how to communicate with God directly; which of course is promised to us in several Bible and Book of Mormon scriptures.
    I don't know who places the sactions on religions who can make such a claim as who is Christian and who isn't? That is a mystery to me. However, the Church was organized by the Young man Joseph Smith on the day that the kingdom of God was prophesied to be restored to the earth.
    There are many reasons why I accept the Church as an authentic authority of God, and may reasons why I could say it needs some changes. However, I am positive that when the entire Book of Mormon is translated and published I'm sure that much of the mystery concerning the Church will come to light.
    I do know that the other 2/3s of the Book of Mormon are held in a sacred vault by the Church and was not taken back by the angel Moroni. Moroni only took those books that had been published and for good reason. If anyone else were to get hold of the book and have it translated, then to me, true religion would be about completly destroyed. The Bible is NOT all we need to understand the mission and calling of God. If it were, there would only be one religion today.

    My e-mail, if anyone is interested in communicating with me is

    Love all

    • Grandpa, I really liked what you had to say. I so look forward to being part of this group. I also just now found this web site and have bookmarked it.

  2. Are you a member of the true LDS faith or the reorganized Mormon faith?

  3. I think Paul (grandpa744) is of the LDS faith, but a good question.

    As for me, I’m a Mormon/Latter-day Saint, or member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    And you?

  4. I still question some things. Yet I must admit, if The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not THE gospel – well, it should be!

    Can you find a more honest, more decent, more family oriented, more education oriented, more pious, more patriotic, or more healthy group?

    I think not.

  5. Actually, yes. All of my ex-mormon friends are this way. Plus, they aren’t afraid to open their minds to any aspect of the world.

    My mormon friends never quite open themselves up to anyone. I think that’s in part because they stay away from things that are harmless in moderation

  6. To Covo, it is not fear that keeps devout Mormons from being “open” and participating in “any aspect of the world”. It is BELIEF. No matter what reasons people claim to have for or against being a Mormon, there is only one; either you believe it or you do not. As we are all governed by our beliefs, Mormons are no different from others in that regard.

    Yes, I would certainly not argue with you that there are things Mormons abstain from that may be relatively harmless in moderation. There are many Mormons who try to explain our adherence to the Word of Wisdom to others by touting its physical benefits. While it has physical benefits; it is first and foremost a spiritual law. Observing it sets us apart from the world (whether we like it or not!). God has always given this kind of commandment with people who have made a covenant with him, whether it be a dietary law or that of circumcision. It isn’t about what we think is the way to right living and we do not judge others who have not made this covenant.

  7. I don’t get the idea of mormonism, could someone please tell me? How can you read a so called text with only 1/3 translated. How do you know what to finish believing? What about the other 2/3s? How do you konw there is any left?

  8. Brian, you don’t “get” Mormonism by asking other people about it. You just simply read the Book of Mormon yourself and make of it what you will.

  9. I completely agree with Jen. When my wife and I first started investigating the church, I had serious doubts. I questioned everything that the missionaries said and had them cross-reference their LDS statements with the Bible. Turns out, that they could back up what they were saying biblically. One of the Elders asked to me read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He explained that even if I doubted what they were teaching, the Lord would provide me an answer. I read, I prayed, and I received a testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel.

  10. Hello Brother,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you for this site. I am happy we are of the same faith. Membership in this church is one of the most previous thing in my life.

    Where else could you find another gospel that show us how our forefathers could be saved?

  11. Hello, Irene. Loved reading your testimony on your site.

  12. I thank Christopher for shedding light on beilief and questioning things.

    In my view, the only true way to live learn and grow is through continual questioning and inquisitiveness…but only to be backed up through honest and sincere prayer. I think often we forget that prayer is probably one of the greatest gifts that we are given…that direct link to our Father in Heaven…that led an innocent 14yr old boy to read, “…if any of ye lack wisdom, ask of God…who upholdeth and upbraideth not.”

    This promise is to everyone…at least to everyone that will honestly, openly and sincerely pray and ask about ANYTHING…and let me restate that…ANYTHING. First one has to want to believe, or hope to know the truth…then one has to study and research for themselves, as to formulate the right questions…then one needs to pray earnestly and openly to receive confirmation…and believe that they will receive an answer…faith in receiving an answer, no matter what it may be…is key to the power of prayer.

    I think it is amazing to know that God, our Heavenly Father…makes such an effort to help us find truth…no matter where it is, or no matter what the truth is relating to. Heavenly Father keeps his word…if he says to ask him, because he won’t withold or hide truth from us…then we are truly blessed indeed…and we should “know” that he will help us find the truth. (Faith must be tested in order to become knowledge.)

    The thing to remember is that the Gospel and the Church are joined, but not entirely the same thing. The Gospel is the core teachings, the doctrines and the scriptures…the Church is the organization that whole heartedly tries the best to follow those teachings and principles…and being an organization it is subject to the occassional “human error” of individuals in that organization.

    The great thing is that in the church, we have a Prophet and other authorities in the Church whom give us direction through direct revelation, inspiration, and guidance…in order to help us and direct us as individuals back on path…to avoid follies and errors, which we have all had…

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true…and the Church is founded on that truth…and the Church in and of itself can’t be true…it can only aspire to follow that truth, to live by it, as it is an organization of individuals. An organization that is founded in on the greatest truth of a living gospel of Jesus Christ…

    I promise anyone that wants to know the truth of something, that if they will research it out…from all angles…and pray about it open mindedly, honestly and sincerely…Heavenly Father will answer you. He loves us we are his children…wouldn’t you tell your child the truth if he or she asked it of you?


    P.E. Griswold

  13. There seems to be alot of conflicting info about the subject of polygamy or plural wives.
    I am an Active member of the church and a Convert to the Gospel.
    A Patriot and a Militia.
    Does God change his Mind?
    Please do not take this as an attack or an insult etc not my intention my only intention is resolve.

    God once told Joesph Smith not to give the original papers then Joesph was asked for them I am sure you know the story of which I mention sorry about the lack of information in better details.
    Joesph smith took this before the lord several times at last God told joesph smith ok joesph gave them to another and they became lost.
    This is the result for disobedience to God.
    A commandment is a commendment it is not a pick and chooce when you play these games with God a curse or punishment follows.
    This has happened in the Old testiment new and in our time.
    Disobedience to the laws and principles and ordinance brings a curse or punishment.

    Should we bow down to the unconstitutional laws of the land which forbid marriage?
    would we do the same thing if the communist told us we could no longer pray?

    We are told to obey the laws of the land the doctrine and covenants makes it clear as to which laws the constitutional laws of the land which are inspired of God.
    No other law can take place of the constitution.

    No where in the constitution nor in common law is polygamy forbidden.

    So why was polygamy banned ?
    The Truth this time.
    Did God change his mind?
    disobediance always brings punishment what is our punishment for this?

    No true patriot would bow down before the unconstitutional laws of the land so why should the church.
    the gospel is True but the church?
    The Gospel tells us the constitution is the most important if not one of the most important principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    I wonder and I hate to say this…I wonder if the church is true?
    I know the Gospel is.
    I know the book of mormon and everything else is true and of God.

    Can the church lead us astray?
    didnt the Ancient church when it fell?
    if it did back then then why can’t it today?

    I am concerned and very careful cause if I am wrong I don’t want to go astray either.

    Church is generaly defined as the body or the people.
    I won’t give my name in order to watch my back.
    I know this is a serious topic and I know it’s dangers.
    Heck I have even been on a mission so i know the typical book responces but i seek something more.
    The Truth and the reasons behind it.
    please don’t tell me the church is only talking about patriotism but refuses to be a patriot itself.

    tell me the truth and know this i will remain faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I will follow the Spirit to my best ability.

    God Speed.

  14. People are people some are patriotic in the church but I fear most are lost in their way or understanding of what patriotism truely is and need a fresh course or a good kick in the backside.
    I moved to provo utah from Maine and do alot of research on byu campus and I am sad by the people and just how wicked they truely are. we are told utah or slc would become a very corrupt place.
    In many ways the members are good or have good intentions but take things for granted as did the children of israel.
    alot of rude or unfriendly people who are into clicks but they are still children of God and there is still hope.
    Alot of people out here may not be open minded good or bad thats another story.
    I myself am a convert from Maine and have always had an open mind while at the same time I am very stubborn sometimes that is good.
    But I learn on my own with Gods help so if I am wrong I will study and admit to my arrors if not I stand my ground.

    Ex mormons may be open minded in some good ways but also have walked down sinful roads.
    we all fall short some of us just go too far.
    These may be good people but use caution.

    even the elect of God can be lead astray.
    if your concerns of the lack of patriotism in the church then do as I am doing.

    Educate inform and call them to repentance.

    those who have been warned must warn others.
    read the works of President Benson.
    Alot of Good books at byu.
    I believe byu has lost its original intent but just ignore the bad go their and learn what you can then share it with others.

    use the missionary guide as a referance on how to approuch people build on common beliefs etc.

    the missionary guide is a great bookand can be used for many differant things not just “missionary work”

    for more feel free to E-mail me at

  15. To Brian Edwards…
    Thank you for the qood questian, How could the Jews in Ancient times only read the torah or the TNK aka old testament? how could the christians only read the 4 Gospels?

    God reveals to man precept upon precept here a little and there a little God is unchanging in this mannor.
    or the old baptist saying milk before meet.

    When God sees fit he will give us the rest of the book of mormon but we should ask our selves have we read what we already have yet?
    personaly I look forward to more of Gods word.

    We continue to Find the dead sea scrolls and other works.

    We have so much more to learn. I hope this helps.
    I am a convert and thought like so many others the bible is all we need.
    I am sure the Jews Thought all they need is the Old Testament.
    Should the jews get more such as the new testament?
    ask yourself that questian and you should have your answer.

  16. Anyone know what’s up with the supposed quote by Joseph F. Smith in the Reed Smoot hearings that he had never had a revelation? I seem to remember President Hinckley saying the same sort of thing in a 60 Minutes interview. It was something to the effect that he and the brethren received impressions (aka the still, small voice), but that revelations like those received by Joseph Smith are no longer necessary. I’m confused. It seems like dejavu from anti-Mormons on my mission (revelation being unnecessary). The Church I thought I believed in believes in gifts of the Spirit, all of which should be enjoyed by the prophet. Can anyone help me out with this? I don’t want to lose faith in the Church, but it seems awfully contradictory.

  17. This is somewhat random from the topics above, but I see that there a lot of good people giving their opinions and showing their faith in a religion that I have found to be based on a myth. The gospel of Christ is true no doubt, it’s just that Joseph Smith was never a real prophet of God. I was an active member for over 30 years before I opened my eyes and discovered it to be just like a lot of other false religions. I have no animosity for any of the members or leaders because I was one of them a little over a year ago. I did not fall away, or depart because of any transgression. Up till the day I discovered the truth I was as devout as it gets. I was, and still am a Christian. I stoped going to the LDS church for only one reason; Joseph Smith was not a true prophet of God and Gordon B Hinkley isn’t either. They may be good people, and they may believe in what they preach, but that still doesn’t make them real prophets of God. I use to bare my testimony that the Church was true but now I know that I was only telling my testimony that I knew Jesus was the Christ. Now I bare testimony that the LDS church is not true, but that Jesus is the Christ and you too can know for yourself if you do the hard work of research, accompanied with tremendous effort through prayer to know the true God and Jesus Christ our saviour.
    Your friend John

  18. wow, satan’s a tricky one isnt he!.anything that promotes Love is of God, period. why do so many choose to stumble on such little stones.fear, confusion, and contentions dont come from Our Father. did we forget where they do come from? one of our elder spiritual siblings really hates us, did we get confused whom this may be?Testimony is Divine knowledge of what we know to be true, not what we dont know. “accentuate the positive”

  19. If you have questions or doubts about any teaching or doctrine of the Church, just remember that a true testimony is obtained by The Spirit and not by our minds, our minds change,so what we think we beieve will change also. The Spirit doesn’t change and what you learn by The Spirit will never change . If you have doubts is because you are not following The Spirit by reading your scriptures, praying honestly, and making your best effort to obey the commandments. I joyned the Chucrch in 1973 and some times I had my doubts, but every time I had my doubts I noticed that I wasn’t doing what The Lord asks us to do, when I started doing those things my doubts vanished. Follow the Spirit, it will lead you to the truth.

  20. Dear John~

    What you have described about falling away from Mormonism isn’t so different from my own doubts about Christianity as a whole.

    The point I would like to make is that there is no way to prove the the New Testament is any truer than the Book of Mormon or any other revealed scriptures.

    After some time, I’ve come to realize that there is no human authority with Ultimate Truth that we seek. This has been very difficult and disheartening to me as I once received much consolation in believing in what now seem like myths to me no matter how hard I try to believe them.

    This leaves me with a problem: how to live life. I’ve looked into Buddhism, Taoism and many other religions. And you know what? They’ve all got elements of myth and faith in them. This too has been discouraging.

    So what to do? Be an atheist? Trust science? Ah, but they have little to say about the soul or heart of man or how to live one’s life or how to raise a family…

    As Thomas Edison once said, “All bibles are man made.” Now I’ve come to a different conclusion: so what! Yes they are man made! Of course they are. How could it be otherwise? However, so are the laws of this country. Should we cease to obey them? The manual for my new video camera isn’t from God either, should I banish it? WE NEED DIRECTION. We need culture. We need a reason to congregate as humans. We need commonalities to form a society. We need to raise our families, etc. etc. So do yourself a favor and stop the fruitless search for Ultimate Truth and realize the obvious. We seek one true, ultimate source of security but it isn’t a physical reality. THAT only seems to come by faith. Faith in whatever! Faith in Protestantism, Mormonism, Buddhism or a lucky rabbit’s foot. Studies show that prayer does work sometimes, but not just for Protestants! Not just for Mormons or Catholics or Jews. Faith in something bigger than oneself.

    So this has been long, but let me part with some encouraging words.

    If you have found that Mormonism isn’t true, keep in mind that neither is your alternative–not in the scientific sense. There are many people who’ve found the answer in the Mormon church and their faith is the truth they seek. If yours is outside Mormonism, then rejoice at that, but just remember that you may need to peel away the New Testament next when you find out how that book came to be. Then when you’re left with the Old Testament with all its vengeance, blood and fear… well, you’ll want to leave that too.

    So whoever of you has faith, please hold on to it! Stop trying to validate it like a scientist. It will ruin it like it has for most true scientists. There is an outer world of physical reality that science has done a fine job of explaining and controlling so far, but as to the soul and inner heart of man, religion of some sort addresses best.

    Find where your heart is home, don’t be too picky, and enjoy the ride! It’s like deciding where to live. You’ll NEVER find the PERFECT place. Just settle for what works and what is good and what you believe in. In my mind, nothing will ever be more God-inspired than that.

    God bless you all!

  21. I am a twelve year old mormon and reallly know that the church is true. It is a true doctorine and testomony of our father in heaven. I baer witness that it is a true and living gospel . May god bless you and keep you in everlasting arms

  22. I’m confused I thought that Mormons believed in the sanctity of human life. If that’s the case shouldn’t someone like Harry Reid be excommunicated. I never knew that Reid was a Mormon until I saw a documentary about Mormonism on PBS. I never heard of a Pro-Choice Mormon. The one thing I respect most about the Mormon Church is their views about family and the sanctity of human life. I’m pretty sure that if I weren’t a Southern Baptist I probably become Mormon.

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