In the Mormon Church, charity is defined as being the “pure love of Christ.” “But charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever and whoso is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him.”1 Jesus Christ is the perfect example of charity; He showed mankind how to treat others through his words and actions. He loved the sinner, but despised the sin.

The parable of the good Samaritan teaches that we should give to those in need, regardless of whether they are our friends or not.2 Through this example and numerous others in the scriptures, the Savior taught that we are not to decide whether someone deserves our help or not. He has commanded us that if we take care of our own family’s needs first, then we should help all who need our help without judgment on our part.

Mormon prophet Harold B. Lee stated that there are those who need more than material goods: “It is well to remember that there are broken hearts and wounded souls among us that need the tender care of a brother who has an understanding heart and is kind.”3 These are the ones who need a listening ear, a kind smile or an arm around the shoulder.

The Savior’s example of how to forgive others is evident when He hung on the cross and in His final moments forgave those who were responsible. In Matthew 18:33-35, he counseled that if we do not forgive others, our Heavenly Father will not forgive us. “I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you…For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye?”4

Mormons believe that each of us were born with charity or the pure love of Christ. So the question remains, why some feel to give charity more than others? We must work at it. We must draw close to the Savior through pray, through studying His life in the scriptures and keeping His commandments, through asking for forgiveness of others and to love ourselves, which increases our love for others.

For more information on the Mormon Church please see the following websites:

Mormon Church

1 “Book of Mormon”; Moroni 7:47

2 “Holy Bible”; Luke 10:30-37

3 “Stand Ye in Holy Places”; p.228

4 “Holy Bible”; Matthew 5:44-46

  1. It is really sad that the visitors of an LDS-themed site, patriot or otherwise, can have lengthy discussions about 9/11 conspiracies and whether or not Harry Reid should be excommunicated — but can’t seem to muster up a single comment about charity. What kind of site is this really?

  2. Larry Schneider

    Well, you see, that just goes to show you . Not every one who says, ‘Lord, Lord, save me!’ Shall be saved, but they who ACT out the will of the Lord.’ And so what it is, is that no one is justified merely because he or she says,’L,L,L,L,L,Lord here I be!”, but they who are truely sincere, period! And every one who knows what I am talking about, who reads this, and says,’Idon’t know what you’re talking about’, is a liar. And they know it. But I would go on to say,that it doesn’t matter what any one says concerning charity. The problem with the Latter day Saints is: They think, number one, that their shit don’t stink. And that is a fact, period. And that is why a lot of people have no desire, whatsoever, to join the church. And so, first of all, I would ask the members of the church to either sustain or to not sustain such an attitude. Secondly, put forth the law of , “Thou shalt not trouble thy neighbor with that which you know to be lies.” And so to move ahead, I would simply remind the Saints to treat others as you would have them treat you. Don’t try to humiliate people unless you are willing to bear the same thing.Don’t be a coward, for people are watching you. The way to truly know a follower of Christ is to behold their sincere display of kindness, benevolence, graciousness,etc. Otherwise you are nothing more than a bunch of Jealous, paranoid, resentful hypocrites.

  3. Larry Schneider

    I am a victim, of the L.D.S. church. On the very day that I was baptized, as soon as I came forth out of the water and recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost, the patriarch’s wife asked me,” So what were those sins that you were commiting before?” And of course I was suddenly thrown for a whatever, and I looked at his wife and then at him and thought,” Man, your heffer has escaped once again, and she is trying to terrorize new commers because she is a stupid, jealous, cow of a woman, who needs to go and chew more cud to bear the milk of healing.” And of course he looked at me as though he had no brains whatsoever, and moreover didn’t have the balls to put the yoke on his cow. And so I knew then that they had no dealings with the TRUE LOVE OF CHRIST whatsoever. Because the true love of Christ teaches a man to be compasionate, loving, forbearing, especially to those that are new to the church. And not to be arrogant, self-rigtheous, thinking privately that they are more precious to God than anyone else.They are ignorant people, full of the insane jealousies of Satan, fearful of watching sinners come into the Church and recieve the love of Heavenly Father. Jealous of having to watch the Lord love them or bless them with just as much love as He shows them. Here is the jealous, punk son, in the parable of the prodigal son. But remember that I tell you this now: There will be many who are now members of the church who will suddenly become offended, insomuch that they will, by and by leave the church, and everything will be chaotic, troublesome, upsidedown as it were, grevious to the sincere of God, but He knows whom He has chosen and by and by they will, by the almighty love of the Holy One, overcome the natural man, even the world, even the Jealous, Self-Righteous, “I’m better that you” Hypocrites who now reign, like unto the Pharisees and Scribes who have thus since, been cast into hell, where they try to close their eyes, only to realize that they have no eyelids to cover up their evils, and it is the realization that thus when they close their eyes’ it is as though they closed them not at all. And they see their evil and it is then that the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth begins.

  4. Well the Church is made up of people and people have problems. I doubt that LDS people have more problems than those found in any other faith but because of the insular nature of the Church sometimes it seems that way.

    In many other Churches these interpersonal difficulties are lessened primarily because by comparison so little is expected of their membership.

    I am pretty sure that there is a scripture in the D&C that says that failure to forgive an offense is worse than the offense itself. I have a lot of faults but I can truthfully say that in a Church setting I have never taken offense. The reason for that is I decided a long time ago that people don’t have to like me, they actually aren’t required to. If someone says something to me that I think was out of line I will think about what they have to say. If I agree with it I will adopt their point of view. If I don’t, I will ignore them.

    As has been noted, when it comes to taking offense any excuse will do.

    The doctrinal requirement for members is that we are always required to forgive whether or not the offender even seeks forgiveness and that’s where a lot of people come up short feeling justified in their anger or whatever.

    The problem is that we being imperfect all too often are perfectly happy not to compromise with our neighbors and in the case of conflict are all too happy to take all the marbles and go home – just so long as we get our way.

  5. Larry Schneider

    Dear Eric, I truely appreciate your response. But may I also add that, should not that woman have forgiven me? Seeing that I witnessed unto her that I was willing to come into the fold of Christ and change my life? And that I, with easiness of heart, was willing to enter into the waters of baptism? How is it that she did not rejoice in that ? How is it that she did not see that? Not long after that, I, yes I, brought a friend of mine into the church. Because I saw something good in that soul. Well, this same woman of whom I’ve been speaking goes to her baptism. She even comes over , knocks on the door and asks me if I’m going. Well knowing the rude ruthlessness of this woman from before I said ,’No thanks’. Well the baptism ended and my friend came home and I said,’Well, had it go?’ She said “wonderfull!” Sister so and so grabbed me, was weeping and Expressed her joy in my baptism, it was so nice!’ Then, as God is my witness, she pulled out a cigarette and lit it up and smoked all of it! Just within an hour of her baptism! And of course I’m thinking wow! Before I was baptized, I would like to tell you of two experiences I had. I had a dream about a couple years before I was baptized. And in my dream I was back in a house that I was raised in when I was young. It was in this house that all my troubles began. And so, I was in the house and it was pitch black, maybe around one, two three o’clock in the morning.

  6. Larry Schneider

    Continued: And I was in a particular room, in mid air, floating around in all manner of directions. Upside down, sideways, reverse of that , upside right, etc., and I happened to look at one of the walls in that room and suddenly, it looked as though someone was ‘washing’ the wall until they created an opening in the wall. And now this personage appeared before me, Stepping through the opening in the wall that he had just created. And this is what I saw. I beheld a man, exceedingly well dressed. He was wearing a very beautiful, gorgeous, burnt orange , pure silk shirt of the finest material. It had a “V” kneck opening so that you could see into his bossom. He was also wearing a very wide sash,where one would wear a belt. He was also wearing well polished, very pointed shoe-like boots. Something similar to what the Beatles wore when they were here in America, Like in ’62, ’63, ’64. But they were more polished more “classy” as it were. And I beheld his face. And this was his appearence:

  7. Larry Schneider

    I forgot to mention that he had on black, ” Disco” like pants or trousers, whatever the verbage. And he had very long hair, even past his shoulders. It was long, stringy,black hair.He also was wearing a finely manicured beared, not very lengthy in growth, with a well trimmed gotee. The gotee was longer in length than the beard, but it was all ” one”, consistant beard. And I beheld his face. He had THE MOST HATEFUL, black eyes that I had ever seen before in all my livin’ life. Yet strangely enough, he was one of the most good looking souls that I ever looked upon. And now he bagan to “roar ” at me with exceeding great anger. Beyond the normal or n atural mortal man. I don’t think that there is or ever was a man who lived here who ever had so much anger and hatefulness. He was swearing at me with common cuss words, but with an unearthly intensity. Something beyond our experiences. I mean, I’m a cusser myself, but no where near this level. He seemed to speak with an awful, thunderous voice. Not as to the ears, but as to deep in ones very “center”. As in the” midst’ of my body as it were. He even said words that I knew were words of profanity, but I had never heard them before and never quite heard them pronounced that way. He started saying how that he was going to destroy me. “Destroy” was his very word he used. And that he was going to do this and that … Well I began to become exceedingly, and I do mean exceedingly afraid. To put it bluntly, he scared the living shit outta me! I began to see his awful life he must have been living or suffering or whatever, and all I knew was that I wanted no part of his presence PERIOD and PRONTO!. Weell his cursing me…..

  8. Larry Schneider

    … As he was cursing and wretching at me with an awful, wicked, violent, puking like motion, his hellish roars pushed me upwards against the ceiling. Then I began to recite the only prayer that I knew at the time and it was the “Our Father” prayer . As I as thus trying to say the words of the prayer, his awful, hellish, and I do mean Hellish voice kept tearing the words right out my head so as to not remember them. I at some time thought that I was gonna be sucked right into his nightmarish vortex. No matter how hard I tried to pray, he just kept tearing at the words I was trying to say with a most creepy like professionalism. I was sitting in a crossed-legged position when I began my prayer, up against the ceiling, But I was finally able to finish the prayer, as I gently settled to the floor in the same cross-legged position, poof! he was gone and peace came over me. Now that was the first experience.

  9. Larry Schneider

    My second experience was through an aquaintance a few months aftrwards. I’ll try to be more brief. He was a fellow employee who played drums. My second love. He had this really cool drumset in his bedroom. Now he had fixed up his bedroom such that it was almost, as it seemed, seperate from the main house yet it wasn’t. Half of the drum set was white “pearl” and the other half was red metallic “pearl”. He even had a “sizzle” symbal suspended from the ceiling by a chain. So it was a really cool set up. I got to play the set from time to time so yeh, it was really cool. He had super “bad” speakers so that you could play full power on the set and not drown out the music. Now every morning he went into the kitchen to , I guess, have a “powwow” with his family. His Mom was like, 70 years old, his bro’s like 50’s, 40’s, 30’s, down to him , about 20-22. I was a year or two younger, so he was like an older brother to me. He had a couple of sisters too, that lived there, so it was basically an entire family unit minus the Dad. But now, I always stayed in his bedroom, (being when I would spend the night). Now there was a particular morning when I woke up, I would go get me a beer, which was in the pantry next to the kitchen where they meet every morning. And for a while it became a routine thing, however, I would try to limit my visits to the fridge so that I wouldn’t appear as so ” intruding”. But I started to notice that every time I would go get a beer, ( he would tell me,’Just go in and get it and don’t worry about’), I began to get “daggers” from the countenances of his family. I would always try to be friendly with them, but they seemed to have a most obvious hatred towards me, even though I did them no harm. This began to be more and more intense when I would spend the night. I often grieved because they simply refused to accept me as a friend to their brother , who would have me over all the time. One morning I woke up and this guy had apparently gone into the kitchen too “powwow” with his family. Iwas laying down on a mini couch in his room that doubled as a “sitter” when put together and made up. He had left his door slightly open, which led to the patio. It was a most beautiful spring morning. I remember hearing the sweet songs of the mocking bird. Of a sudden, I became aware of what seemed like the presence of people above me, up towards the ceiling. I couldn’t see them or make out faces or shapes or anything like that, but I became aware that they had this incredible love comming from them. I knew that they were causing it to flow from them and into me. I felt so good!!! I thought, Oh why can’t I feel like this all the time? Iwas suddenly so filled up with love. It was as though I had this perfect peace within myself as to the “accepting” of myself. I wasn’t afraid of anything period. I felt this perfect love and acceptance of my own self, my fellow man, and God himself. I can look back now and fully understand what the apostle Joh was speaking about.

  10. Larry Schneider

    John said that they who hated one another were murderers. That’s some pretty tuff words to bear. So it began to dawn on me the differences between the evil one and the Lord. Now when the Elders of the church came a knockin’ on my door one day, I can honestly say that I accepted them with easiness of heart, spirit, etc. I was soon to be baptized. Now I had though, fell into some very addictive sins, hard to overcome, none the less, I kept telling the Elder who was pushing me to get baptized, that I kept having this really uneasy feeling about it. I actually began to feel this feeling of forboding doom. I felt this unmistakable feeling of condemnation, even before I was baptized. I kept calling him up and would ask him,’If this is so good a thing for me to be baptized, then why do I keep having these very uncomfotable feelings of gloom and doom?’ He would tell me that it was the Devil. I thought to myself, I know how the devil is, you don’t need to tell me, but this was a different kind of doom. Then he began to hint that if I didn’t get baptized, that I could suddenly die and go to hell. So he had me “paralized” as it were. I was exceedingly troubled by it. I became intensely afraid of these people. I couldn’t figure out why the Lord’s people or the Lord himself would cause me to feel so bad about doing something that was supposed to be good. I thought,” you know the fact that I feel a testimony that it’s true and am willing to be baptized with such easiness of heart, and yet feel so bad and unable to pinpoint the source of great fear and doom and so forth had me unable to see clear enough to make a truely sound choice. I simply chose, at that point to be baptized because I greatly feared death, irregardless of the alarms going off. Now I testify to the entire world, every soul, that I lie not, God bearing me witness as to this thing I’m relating to you. I finally gave in to be baptized, which at this point began to seem like a plea bargin so as not to go to perdition, even though I knew for myself that I had done nothing before to merit such a condemnation. Again after my baptism the patriarch’s wife walked up to me, lured me into her insidious trap of pretended kindness and then suddenly, which I truely feel to be, at the command of satan she launched her firey dart at me by asking me what were my formers sins that I had commited. I was absolutely in shock. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard fall off of her big, big mouth. I looked at her husband with some pleading glance as to say,’Friend I came to be baptized in response to your invitation, why are you treating me thus?’ I couldn’t find any signs of compassion from him as to hearken to my desperate plea. Yea, I felt as though I had put up my petition to him in vain. Even the whole wretched group that came to witness unto satan that they had fullfilled his command in bringing to pass the things which would eventually bring to pass my spiritual demise.

  11. Larry Schneider

    After that I began to have this uncontrollable impulse to shout ,”Get OUT OF ME NOW!” I felt so bad because I thought,” Maybe I hate the Holy Ghost and am surely going to perdition!” But yet I thought, NO! That is absolute BULLSHIT! GET THEE BEHIND ME YOU DEVIL!” It was only years later that the president of the missionaries then, told me, “You should have never been baptized.. I told that fool to not baptize you !” He said that if you get baptized in a “Not ready” state, then it could, as he said, “Crush” you. Well it did. to this day I have not been able to live normal life. I was homeless for a large portion of my life after that. I simply could not function as a “normal” human being. I was told, “Well, you reap what you sow”, by Elders of the church. I told them that the day would come that if they didn’t make it up to me, that they would taste something that they would not soon forget. But their pride rules for now. If anyone thinks that they can or will get away with such an act of utter treason as to the decieving me like that is worse than a fool. I am one of the least of the Lords bretheren. I know of myself that this is NOT OF THE LORD. Because he told me himself. After I was baptized I would make efforts to come to church but found myself unable to walk in under my own power or will. One time, as I sat out in the parking lot trying to talk myself into going in on”Three”, this Great big Elder came out to his van that I just so happened to be parked next to, he came out and saw my struggle, and what did he do? He immediately assumed an arrogant, smart-ass look on his face and pretending that he could not open the door to his van said with an uplifted voice,”Well, I guess I can’t get in!”, meaning me. I thought,” you self-righteous piece of s–t”! How easy for you would it be to just come over and say,”Hi, I’m brother so and so. You know its good that you came here. I know that it’s not easy and if all you can do is sit out here in the parking lot, then you just keep doing that and before you know it you’ll gain the desire to come on inside.” But NO!

  12. Larry Schneider

    You know, right before I was baptized, I was at a fellow guitar players’ house and he apparently told his mother that I was seriuosly thinking of being baptized and she at point blank said, “Watch out! As soon as you do they’ll abandon you!” And lo’ and behold they sure as hell did. I for some time thought of just leaving the church and one day as I was thinking about this brother who had come out to the parking lot and acting like a self-righteous,’I’m better than you’ kinda fool, that I suddenly became aware of the presence of the Savior. It was like, He had been standing in the midst of my thoughts as I was reflecting on this all the while. It was like He was standing in the midst of the very thoughts of my heart watching that particular Sunday as it came to pass, and I then heard Him say to me,”This is not of Me. And they who act that way? Behold, they are not my desciples.” And you know I could go on and on but to what avail? What is my point? I thought that the reason to become a member of the church was to become a better person. More kind hearted, more benevolent, more gracious, to remember these things to one another as we would have the Father remember them unto us. To come to the point that we no longer have a mind to injure one another, whether physically or mentally, or emotionally. Because it is all the same. To become sanctified. Do we suppose that we can become sanctified, which is manditory to the entering into the Celestial Kingdom, and at the same time think that it’s perfectly okay with Heavenly Father, that we meanwhile go about putting the hurt on one another because of our insatiable, satanic jealousies which we refuse to forsake? Satan himself has more hope than you if you have supposed this.

  13. Larry Schneider

    Though I have the gift of healing, the gift of tounges, miracles, etc., etc., and yet have not the love of the Father or Son, it availeth me nothing. If I am not constantly abounding or progressing, with increase, in the love of Jesus Christ or His Heavenly Father, then what am I really? I would like to close this one by challenging the members of the church with this following questionaire. It is a “true” or “false” questionaire:
    1. The Savior liked to humiliate sinners just to teach them a lesson.
    2. The Savior loved to “stare down” people until the feared Him.
    3. The Savior would often show up at peoples homes totally unannounced, and ask to use the bathroom, and then snoop from room to room to dig up dirt on the occupant or some sort of sin.
    4.The Savior liked to tell stories to totally terrify His listeners.
    5.Jesus liked to throw rocks at sinners who passed by his way.
    6. One of the Saviors favorite things to do was to force His mental powers on those around Him and at the same time not let on that it was Him.
    7. The Savior also loved to sit in the church meetins and flex His spiritual muscles against those around Him without letting on that it was Him that was doing it.

  14. Larry Schneider

    And for some time after that I thought of just leaving this ugly, ugly church. Before I was baptized, as God himself is my witness, I had met a fellow guitar player and he was really, really good at the guitar , the AX! He was so much better along with it than I was. I’ve loved to watch his fingers move at the great command of time and movement that was or rather should I say that he had mastered. During this time, right before my baptism, I was at his house one night and was speaking with his dear mother. She had heard from her son that I was seriously thinking about being baptized in the church. She mentioned it and I said yeh, I was. She simply and most bluntly said to me,”Watch out! As soon as you

  15. Larry – I’m deeply sorry that you found so many broken people all in one place. I have come across broken people in and out of the LDS church. I even include myself in that broken group. But the majority of the people I have found in the past 36 years in the LDS church have been kind and loving – not perfect, but at least good, kind, down to earth people who are looking to become better.

    I’ve been to the LDS church in Utah, Arizona, Washington D.C., Maryland, Chile, and California and have always found mostly good people mixed with a few not so nice people. In all my experiences I don’t remember encountering very many people like the ones you have described.

    I apologize on their behalf. People don’t realize the negative impact they can have on someone they’re mean to. The mean people I’ve met many times are so broken that they don’t even realize they’re being mean. I just practice loving them back regardless of what they do and it’s difficult to do, but doing that has made me a better person.

    I’m broken also and I know my imperfections have impacted other people negatively and all I can do is hope for their forgiveness and try my best to improve each day.

    The one thing I am sure of is that notwithstanding my own weaknesses and sins, the gospel of Jesus Christ that I have found in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the LDS church has changed me into a better person than I ever was in the past. I had to overlook other peoples’ problems and work on my own problems and work on my faith in Christ and only then has progress come to me.

    I’ve lived life in many different ways and the way I’m currently living has made me the happiest and has left me more filled with peace than any other way.

    I hope you can also find this same peace and can ignore the broken people around you that stand in your way. God bless!

  16. Larry Schneider

    rcronk, thank you for your merciful response. I truly thought that someone would respond but at the same time I told myself to not expect it and move on. You know, there is something that troubles me even more and that is a fear that if I do come back into full activity, that many will leave the church on my account. I’m not so sure that I’m willing to do that. That is totally not what I want. I know that I am here for a reason to benefit the church, but I have no desire whatsoever to cause people to become offended. I truely think of this from time to time. You know’ once a time ago, an NFL man said , concerning how his team felt about their coach, whom they suspected would retire the following season, that while they would cuss the coach from time to time, yet they also were very adamant about anyone else doing the same thing. We can cuss the coach because we’re family, but don’t let us catch anyone else doing the same thing.Well’ I sort of feel the same way when it comes to venting on the church. You mentioned something that really stuck out at me, and that was concerning “broken” people. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that I don’t quite know of what you’re speaking. But I am willing to listen to their side as to what caused them to “break”. Much, however, was concerning people that really don’t appear at all to be “broken”, just rather jealous. You see I know that alot of folks tend to look upon the church as though it was a country club. And as you may well be aware, people who belong to the country club tend to divide up into “classes”. And the more wealthy, the more “good-looking” or attractive, tend to start supposing that they are some how more “prefered” in the eyes of the Lord than the less fortunate. And the book of Mormon has cases like that. I find it very difficult to have a great deal of mercy on these people because they simply seem to be immune to anything that would cause them to want mercy. And these people are really helping the adversary to diminish the strength of the church. I know this sounds a bit harsh,but many of these people have it stuck in their heads that they can do no wrong. They are literally immune to the ability to say,”I’m sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me.” They are simply too proud. I understand why they have allowed themselves to think in this way. Now the D&C says that “whether by mine own voice or my servants, it is the same…” Ok, I can see how they would initially begin there reasoning, however that scripture doesn’t mean,”therefore, whatever falls off your lips or whatever you do is my will” Truth of the matter is that,many people think that because one holds the priesthood that he can do no wrong. The scriptures say that the moment that we undertake to do unrighteously that the heavens withdraw themselves and the spirit is grieved, and when He is withdrawn, Amen to the priesthood of that man.” Okay, but we should take note that because the heavens withdraw themselves, doesn’t mean that you cannot repent.You still have the priesthood. Even then you may be able to use it but not unto righteousness, and you will obviously be held in strict account for what you brought on others. The Holy Ghost does not immediately withdraw, as I believe that He has no desire to do so. He gives the offender time to go work it out, but if he doesn’t, then the time will come that if he refuses to do so, then the Holy Ghost will withdraw Himself and then it will be “Amen to the Priesthood of that man. But I don’t see it happening all at once. Even if someone use his Priesthood unrighteously and causes hurt on someone else, and the man truely didn’t fully grasp what he was doing, I don’t see the Lord suddenly withdrawing forever, as it were, though He may withdraw enough to get the man’s attention and tell him to go and repair the damage etc. But according to reality world, there are many cases where people are baptized in a “not ready” state. I have witnessed this my self in the last recent years. But enough of that. I have no more desire to go on and on, but to nudge the peoples of the church to remember that the Lord is mindful of how we treat others. It is Exceedingly important to Him. Our salvation depends heavily upon it. J.S. said that if we have a revelation or even a “gut” feeling that someone has sinned, to nevertheless keep it to ourselves and basically keep our pie holes shut. But no not go about looking for iniquity in one another. That also means trying to catch one another off guard with subtle words only to rise up and sting the soul and humiliate them before all, simply to satisfy the jealous, vengeful, heart. This is exceedingly grievious to the Lord and those who suppose that it is ok to do that will be held in the strictess account for it.J.S. went on to say that if we do go about looking for sin in one another, that in the end, we would loose our Endowment, simply because God would withhold it. And it would seem that we would naturally then have to take our place with five foolish virgins, who sought for this very thing from the wise virgins. And so the Endowment is the” Wedding” invitation. But as we also know, our Endowment is for us and us alone, and is not meant to be divided up and shared with others, and so the five wise virgins could not share their wedding invitations with anyone else. And we would thus do it at the peril of our own Salvation. It is a very easy thing to be kind to others. It is not difficult.

  17. Larry Schneider

    Having said all of that I desire greatly to move forward. I am in favor of the church always. I am on their side always. What I mentioned excludes all General Authorities whatsoever and all goodly Priesthood holders abroad and to the rest, I would simply implore brothers,” Go easy now and remember the awful adversary who seeks to destroy us. ” God bless all with much strenghth and desire.

  18. Larry Schneider

    P.S. ” When I was naked, you clothed me.”

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