The Family of Joseph Smith Jr.

Joseph Smith Junior was the founder and prophet leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or "Mormon Church" as it is more commonly known. The Mormon religion is said by many religious and historical scholars to be the quintessential American religion. Joseph Smith Jr. was born to a family that had a strong tradition of religion and patriotism; this explains much of Joseph Smith Junior's strong desires even so young as fourteen to understand religion and God's dealings with men.

Joseph Smith Junior's ancestors came to America early in its colonization. On his Father's side the first to come to America was Robert Smith in 1638. Robert Smith's third son was Samuel born in 1666. Samuel's first son, Samuel II was born in 1714. Samuel II was active in public affairs and held over twenty public offices throughout his life. He also fought for America in the Revolutionary war and was known as Captain Samuel Smith. Asael Smith was Samuel II second son and Joseph Smith Junior's grandfather. Asael worked hard to teach his children virtue and piety. In a letter of advice written to his children Asael says, "and as to religion, I would not wish to point any particular form to you; but first I would wish you to search the scriptures and consult sound reason and see if they are not sufficient to evince to you that religion is a necessary theme."[1]

Joseph Smith Senior was born in 1771. He married Lucy Mack on January 24, 1796. The family of Lucy Mack can be traced back to John Mack who came to America from Scotland in 1680. In 1697, his son Ebenezer was born. Ebenezer was a respected clergyman. Ebenezer's son Soloman Mack was Lucy Mack's father. Soloman was born in 1732 and married Lydia Gates in 1759. Solomen and Lydia were both very concerned that their children have a good education in secular as well as religious matters. Lydia was "in the habit of calling [the family] together both morning and evening, and teaching them to pray."[2]

Joseph Smith Senior and Lucy Mack had eleven children. Their first son was born in 1797 and died shortly after his birth. Alvin Smith was born on February 11, 1798. The death of Alvin in 1823 when he was only 25 was a great trial for the family. Alvin had been a loving brother and worked hard to help care for the family. In the summer of 1821 the family was working hard to build a bigger house on their farm. Lucy Mack recorded that Alvin, "would say, I am going to have a nice pleasant room for father and mother to sit in, and everything arranged for their comfort, and they shall not work any more as they have done." Alvin deeply believed in the truthfulness of Joseph Smith Junior's visions and just before his death told Joseph to "be a good boy, and do everything that lies in your power to obtain the Record [the Book of Mormon plates]. Be faithful in receiving instruction, and in keeping every commandment that is given you." [3]

Hyrum was born on February 9, 1800. Hyrum as Alvin completely believed in the visions of Joseph and the restoration of the Church. He was Joseph's constant companion and advisor. He was loyal and firm in his beliefs. Hyrum served in many capacities in the early days of the Church, as a missionary, patriarch and staunch supporter. He was a companion to Joseph throughout all of his persecutions and was killed at the same time as Joseph. Joseph Smith: Biography and Much More From

Sophronia was born on May 17, 1803, Joseph was born on December 23, 1805, and Samuel was born on March 13, 1808. Samuel also strongly supported his brother Joseph. He was the first missionary for the Church. His mission eventually led to the conversion of Brigham Young who later became the second prophet of the Mormon Church. Samuel is often called the third martyr because he too died from injuries he sustained when he learned of the danger Joseph and Hyrum were in and rode to Nauvoo while being chased by a mob. He died about a month later.

Ephraim was born on March 13, 1810 and lived only a few hours. William was born on March 13, 1811. William too had great confidence in the truthfulness of Joseph's mission. In an interview he was asked, "Did you not doubt Joseph's testimony about the Book of Mormon sometimes?" William replied, "No; we all had the most implicit confidence in what he said. He was a truthful boy. Father and Mother believed him, why should not the children? I suppose if he had told crooked stories about other things we might have doubted his word about the plates, but Joseph was a truthful boy. That Father and Mother believed his report and suffered persecution for that belief shows that he was truthful. Now sir, we never doubted his word for one minute." Katherine was born on July 25, 1813, Don Carlos on March 25, 1816 and finally Lucy on July 18, 1821.

Joseph and Lucy wanted their children to be upright citizens, religious and hard workers. William Smith was interviewed in 1893 towards the end of his life and asked, "Were your folks religiously inclined before Joseph saw the angel?" William answered, "yes, we always had family prayers since I can remember." [4] BBC – Religion & Ethics – The Story of Joseph Smith

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  1. thanks for info on JS family for fireside I’m doing here in Malaysia. Interesting when you go to Family Search and look up JS family it lists the first child as a GIRL! All the other children are out of sequence – strange but no time to follow up – if you do let me know

  2. I am trying to find out if any of the early Mormon leaders had jewish ancestors. Thank you

  3. My great grandmother (Phoebe Elizabeth Smith) was a 5th cousin of Joseph Smith, Jr. She said that the Smith Family were really Irish with an ancestry going back to royalty of Ireland (probably Niall of the 7 hostages). She was what is referred to as dark Irish meaning that there were connections with the Middle East. Many from that area did migrate to Ireland several centuries ago and melted into the population but their dark characteristics still remain in many of the Smiths.

    • I am trying to find info about my ancestor, Phoebe Elizabeth Smith, born in Ohio in 1797. Her father is David but that is all I know. Is this your great grandmother and do you have any info? Thank you

  4. Josph Si=mith Jr. is my 8 Grates grandfather

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