What Mormons Believe about Family

Teachings and programs of the Mormon Church emphasize the family. The family can be one of the greatest sources of happiness, and are essential to joy in this life and the eternities. The Mormon Church teaches that the foundation of society is the family. The family is a place where members learn about love, loyalty, trust, cooperation, and service. Children learn how to develop skills needed in society. Through strengthening the family, the Church teaches that we also strengthen our communities and nations.

The foundation of a good family is marriage between a man and woman. This has been a part of God’s plan from the beginning, in Genesis it state, “it is not good…that man should be alone.” God created Eve as a partner for Adam. This is one of the fundamental reasons for marriage; companionship. Church leaders encourage spouses to remember that marriages take work and that their first responsibility is to love and care for each other. They are encouraged to work together to achieve aspirations and goals for their families. The Church also suggests that a couple make time to spend with each other on a regular basis. They’re encouraged to have a date night at least once a week, and take time each day to let the other know that you are thinking about them.

Members of the Mormon Church are taught that husbands and wives are equal partners. Neither partner has any right to dominate or hurt the other, but share in the responsibilities and triumphs of a marriage and family equally. 1 Corinthians 11:11 states, “neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.” Members are encouraged to remember this scripture and realize that when a man and wife are married God sees them as one unit that should work together.

Another fundamental purpose of marriage is to have children and raise a family. God hopes that we will spend the time we have as families in this life to build strong ties and prepare ourselves to be eternal families. The Mormon Church teaches that children are a gift from God, and that parents given the opportunity to participate in the creation of human life should treat it as sacred and with reverence.

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