Novak on Romney

Novak is one of my favorite political pundits. He may very well be the most neutral nationally syndicated columnist there is, the epitome of fair and balanced.

And Novak’s got it right in regards to Romney’s presidential aspirations, “Can a Mormon be elected president of the United States?…but that potential bias is his one great liability.”

It would be unfair, prejudice, warped if Romney’s religion was the key factor in his losing the presidential nomination. But it may very well be as I’ve posted herein several times.

Such jaundiced views of the LDS faith are unwarranted. In fact, if the biased against his religion actually understood Romney’s religion, they would move heaven and earth to support him. Why?

Because Romney does believe in the proper role of separation of church and state, and is a strong advocate of protecting everyone’s freedoms as founded in the US Constitution.

Romney absolutely can be trusted to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of [his] Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

And that is why I’d vote for him, because he is honest, wise, and morally upright, not because he is Mormon.

But an honest, wise, morally upright individual may be undesirable for many who have come to expect dishonesty, corruption, and scandal as matter of course in a US President.

It would be a sad commentary on how far the citizens of this county have moved away from the key and vital principle of freedom of religion and perverted into freedom from religion if rejecting Romney’s presidential candidacy was based upon the fact he is a faithful, active Mormon.

Romney prepares for ’08

PONTIAC, Michigan (Creators Syndicate) — Any real doubt that Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will run for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination should have been resolved by his performance Monday in suburban Oakland County, Michigan.

Behind the scenes, Republican politicians ask each other the same question that went unanswered when George Romney sought the 1968 nomination: Can a Mormon be elected president of the United States?

Nobody talks about it, as Mitt Romney meticulously prepares the field for 2008, but that potential bias is his one great liability as a presidential candidate.

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