Will the Mormons Please Excommunicate Harry Reid Already

Found a post that made me ROTFLOL! …”One thing I’ve always admired about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) is that they, unlike other denominations, haven’t forgotten the time honored Christian tradition of excommunication…”

Great post! Excommunication certainly has it’s time and place, yet Reid’s political opinions simply do not qualify him for that level of exclusion and/or censure.

However, I do agree with the sentiment.

Will the Mormons Please Excommunicate Harry Reid Already (Rusty):

One thing I’ve always admired about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) is that they, unlike other denominations, haven’t forgotten the time honored Christian tradition of excommunication. With Sen Harry Reid’s (D-Nev) new found stance opposing the Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as betwen a man and a woman at odds with that of the Mormon church, isn’t it time the Mormons disassociate themselves from him?

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  1. I thought it was pretty funny too. And it was nice that they appreciate that the church has and enforces it standards.

  2. My heart says excommunicate him! However, my brain says that if the Church was to excommunicate him, it would provide grist for the propaganda mills of the apologetics who claim that the Church “dictates” how we vote, or secretly “runs” Utah behind the scenes. We took enough heat over Sonia Johnson.

  3. With the past statements of:

    “we urge Church members to register to vote, to study the issues and candidates carefully and prayerfully, and then vote for those they believe will most nearly carry out their ideas of good government”

    and most recently, specifically regarding the marriage ammendment:

    “urging members to ‘express themselves’ on a forthcoming vote in the United States Senate relating to the definition of marriage.”

    How could anyone even argue that Harry Reid should be excommunicated?

    “Express Yourself” does not mean you must agree with the ammendment — while the First Presidency is making it very clear that they oppose same sex marriage (and I suppose one could assume that Harry Reid agrees with that) — it means we as members are allowed to have differing optionons about the matter.

    One can be against same sex marriage and against a constitutional ammendment about it (which will never pass nor is it constitutional by any standard – see Brown vs. Board of Education or search for the history of prohibition)

  4. I agree with Jared, here we have the constitutional sphere and the theological sphere buting heads, its generaly not wise to merge them.

  5. The bottom line with Reid is this–he, as a senator, represents two different entities–First, his constituents and second, his own sense of self. Apologetically he could say, personally I would like to ban same sex marriage, but gosh–my people that I represent just don’t want that. Of course this view would set aside paternalistic ideas of governance–the people arent smart enough to know whats best for them anyhow. The church would never excommunicate the guy–that would be like excommunicating an Osmund. Its a little of the doctrines of man, mingled with scripture when it comes to the PR game. Personally, I don’t get the church dumping all this money into an amendment that will never pass. It would be easier to stop State’s from marrying people and say that a State acting to marry people is too much government entanglement with religion and apply the famed “Lemon” test from the Supreme Court. That way, if you want to get married–go to a church, not the county courthouse. If that happened, then guess what–Gay people couldn’t be married unless they found a church that would facilitate it, but the government would not have to recognize it or sanction it. Problem solved, everyone might not be happy but thats what compromise is all about.

  6. Of course, the above is all hypothetically speaking. The church has to stand up and speak out for what it knows is right, even realizing that it will probably fail. On the other hand, I take a more pragmatic look at the problem. What can we actually accomplish?
    Now, on to my next question. Why don’t we take the Israelites and transport them all, by UN resolution to Missouri? Let the Arabs have the middle east and they will start fighting eachother and do the dirty work–sunni vs. shiite, etc. Meanwhile, Israel will build a new Jerusalem in Missouri, then once the Sand people have taken care of themselves we can send the Israelites back to Israel and let them rebuild Old Jerusalem. Then we will have two brand new Jerusalems…
    Maybe I should e-mail Reid my ideas.

    • “Sand people” really… really… please stop behaving like a slug. Note I said “behaving” like a slug, as I try to refrain from calling children of God slugs. If you could try to refrain from calling children of god derogatory terms like “sand people” then I would not have to remind you, you were behaving like a slug.

  7. I’m not in a position to speak for the church. But I can say with absolute certainty that the church is vehemently opposed to gay marriage and that if Brother Reid marries another man, he will definately be excommunicated.

  8. Harry Reid is a good LDS member who is opposed to same sex marriage. Voting against the amendment for many just said that the Federal government should stay out of the marriage business. So should the courts for that matter. Marriage is primarily a religious ceremony, so it shouldn’t be up to a secular court to say who can get married and who can’t. It should be up to God. If gays feel discriminated against they should take it up with God, and see how far that gets them.

    Harry Reid shouldn’t be excommunicated just for being a Democrat. It’s his values that are important. He is pro life and against gay marriage and I would venture to say that many Democrats are the latter.

  9. As an active LDS member, I am very troubled by the church’s active support of the constitutional amemdment to ban same sex marriage. What about our eleventh artical of faith! Church leaders clearly are appropriate when they state that members of the church are not allowed to marry someone of the same sex. That is a moral issue, as they have stated. However, making it impossible for non-mormons to do so is not a moral issue. That is a political issue and they should not be dictating to their members how to vote.
    The May 24th letter read in Sacrament Meetings was a request that each member become politically active. However, that letter is being used by Bishops to justify withholding Temple Recommends from otherwise worthy members.
    Does Harry Reid still have his Temple Recommend?

    • You and Harry miss the point. This issue is just one step in the homosexual agenda. If they can force legalization of gay marriage they will then use liberal state anti-discrimination laws to attempt to force Mormon bishops to marry them and possible even attempt to force them to be performed in Mormon Temples. I can tell you now that we and God will never let this happen. If it was attempted you would see an end of marriages being performed on Church property and we’d all get married civilly. It’s my personal belief that our country would cease to be a country before this happens.

    • Gene F. Danforth

      In the Discourses of Brigham Young he mentions that the greatest threat would be from apostates.If Harry Reid was excomminated look at the damage he could do. Just like in the Book of Mormon times. Amalakia was a Nephite but wanted power. So he joined with the Lamanites and conspired to be king.We can equaly look at John Huntsman and his tenure in the CFR and wonder what was he thinking?
      Yes! Moral issues are of much importance within the church. The Lord sets the standards for Temple Recommends. Once politics is allowed to enter in, we most likely would not be HIS Church but mans.

  10. Active Mormon, this is the first I’ve heard “that letter is being used by Bishops to justify withholding Temple Recommends from otherwise worthy members.” Please elucidate, e.g., which bishop(s), where, when, who got a TR withheld…

  11. Um, the May 24 letter did not ask members to become politically active at the threat of a loss of a temple recommend.

  12. another active mormon

    it is probably not appropriate to spread the actual names over the internet. however, once the first presidency declaired their active support for the right wing republican agenda as they did in the letter, it is not surprising that some bishops and/or stake presidents would determine that anyone (meaning any democrat) not in agreement would not be “sustaining the first presidency as prophets, seers and revelators” and withhold their tr.

  13. I’m disgusted by those proposing that Reid should be ex-ed or belittled because he’s politically incorrect in the eyes of the many right wing bias LDS members. The guy does have his agency, he happens to be a pretty descent Senator. Now, I say this from an outsider’s point of view (I’m British, very active LDS with a Yankee wife)… “Be politically active” as asked by the Church leadership doesn’t mean be a bloody republican, or a crazy democrat. The church asks us to contribute to our communities, not asking us how or what political angle we should follow. Yes, I personally believe ‘brokeback marriages’ are moraly wrong. It is also wrong for LDS members to tell who is or isn’t worthy of a recommend because Brother John Doe was voting or thinking another way than the LDS majority. Maybe he (the Senator) respects the God given agency of those non-LDS who would want to get involved in immoral activities, we have to accept that that is what they want to do, his job isn’t to lecture them. If in private (or public) Sen. Reid doesn’t participate in anything contrary to church teachings, who are we to judge his standing with the Lord? I hate political correctness, and especially hate LDS holier-than-thou political correctness.

  14. Harry Reid is a politician. Isn’t that enough of a reason to excommunicate him?

  15. If Harry Reid was a republican and today he was sworn in as Majority Leader, it would be front page Mormon news – it would be one of the biggest stories of the Mormon year. All that talk about how the world will be hanging by a thread in the last days and Mormon leaders would have to save it would be front and center. But because Harry Reid is a Democrat being sworn in as Majority Leader, today’s news is simply a footnote. That’s sad and it says a lot about the cultural state of the our church right now.

  16. If the Constitution is hanging by a thread, Harry Reid is currently hacking at that thread with a machete. Reid actively subverts everything the Church and our Nation stands for. Those praising Reid’s virtues (“oh, but he was a Sunday School teacher…”) are naive, at the very best. Whether Harry Reid pays his tithing or not, you know his character by its fruits.

    His long history of land-swindles, influence peddling and gaming industry corruption are well documented.

    As an arch-Liberal activist, Mr. Reid has worked across the board to undermine everything our inspired Founding Fathers sacrificed to hand down to us and everything that our Church teaches. Reid has come out against freedom of religion and for freedom from religion. He opposes the right to bear arms. He has been treasonously working to undermine the Commander in Chief in time of war. He has done everything possible to block the President’s Constitutional authority to appoint solid constructionist judges to the federal bench and to the Supreme Court. In fact, Reid has been doing all in his power to undermine both the Executive and Judicial branches of our Constitutional government in the name of solidifying power in the hands of his political party.

    Reid is pro-abortion and anti-freedom; pro-Muslim terrorist, pro-atheist and anti-Christian; pro-gay and anti-family. Each time Harry Reid speaks, his voice is dripping with venom and hatred. He is a bitter, twisted, small-minded, petty, foolish, power hungry, arrogant little man.

    He might be a “nice guy” in person. He may not smoke or drink, and he may even attend church classes, but in this was between good and evil, Harry Reid is a leader on the side of evil. My only hope is that the Lord will call a good and noble man like Mitt Romney to raise again the Title of Liberty like Captain Moroni of old and oppose Reid and all his ilk. Perhaps Romney and other patriotic Elders of the Church can indeed help save the Constitution of this choice nation before Reid and his forces of darkness can destroy everything good that America has stood for since its Divinely inspired founding.

  17. The 13th Article of Faith states “We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.”

    Can Harry Reid truly say his misrepresentation of President Bush is being honest? While the Republican Party may not be perfect but it is NOT the party of advocates of abortionists, homosexuality, destruction of the US Constitution, twisting of the law, the ACLU. Were the Democrats to have their way, we would be a nation of San Franciscos, Boston, Berkeley, and Boulder. I truly believe the Democrats would have us lie down in front of our enemies .

    Reid needs to get some spine and speak out against the anti righteous planks of the Democratic Party. Until he does, his equivocation is at odds with the gospel.

    In the temple recommend interview, one is asked if we are affiliated with any group that is opposition to the Church. Think of the agenda of the Democratic Party as a whole and their practices toward religions.

  18. responding to Kirk Nitz

    so being being a DEM = not worthy?

    first of all we are a global church, this is really important to understanding why the church does not take a position on politics. Do members who live in Spain, France, Peru who do not support Bush’s Administration be excumunicated? no of course not. My wife tells of good members who are Communist, Marxist and Leftist in Uruguay, and im sure there are many more throught the world where the policies of the current adminstration are support but actively opposed.

    you write: “I truly believe the Democrats would have us lie down in front of our enemies.” This is wat the Anti-Nephites did, and more than were killed where convereted. Nevertheless, that stamenent is simply without merit.

    To pin worthiness on political views would eviscerate the meaning of testimony and replace it with a litmus test that would have nothing to do with worthiness. This would be bad.

    The question asked in the interview does not involve organizations that have a different political view, but rather those who are oppose to the church per se, that is that the church should not exist, not whether the organization you belong to is opposed to the political views that some church members would have. How would you measure that anyways. Would a leftist bishop in Spain be right not to find a member who supports the right in his country? no, of course not. the postion is simply untenable.

  19. Harry Reid strikes again. I believe the term is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    In Helaman 7:5 it states ” Condemning the righteous because of their righteousness; letting the guilty and the wicked go unpunished because of their money; and moreover to be held in office at the head of government, to rule and do according to their wills, that they might get gain and glory of the world, and, moreover, that they might the more easily commit adultery, and steal, and kill, and do according to their own wills—”

    Harry has become part and parcel with the latter day Gadiantons.

  20. The democratic platform supports abortion, rewarding/encouraging gay marriage, socialism/wealth redistribution – aka gadianton robbery in the government, the destruction of the traditional family, etc. All of these things the church has spoken out against and so it’s not a question of worthiness but of reconciliation. I don’t get how someone can reconcile all of these wicked viewpoints with the teachings of Christ and His church.

  21. Harry Reid is a notorious coward and an (unfortunately) LDS anti-patriot. It wouldn’t trouble me one bit if he suffered a debilitating aneurysm tonight.

  22. All Freedoms that come from God are expanded and limited based on actions taken. A man can hate and use freedom of speach to attack policemen. BUT once he swears an oath and becomes a policeman he is constrained by the terms of that oath and the responsibilities of the oath and his duties of office/position and No longer has the ‘freedom’ of speech to attack policemen. A man can speak against the current laws of the lands and denounce the constitition as his God given freemom allows (provided he does not ‘incite’ or provoke illegal acts per the las). BUT if that man takes an oath as a judge then he is constrained (his actions are limited in the cause of the oath and duties of his position) He may not speak or work by his actions against that which he by his own volition took upon himself. His freedoms are limited to the focus of his oath. Therefore the judge who breaks that oath by words or actions –acceptable to those NOT under his oath of office– Must be removed from his office.
    If God being holy (obedient in all things and perfected through the Order of Heaven) takes upon him in a very real sense an oath of his office as a god– He cannot act in violation of that oath and remain God. Harry Reid must be excommunicated. He has violated his oaths and sacred covenants that bind him to uphold the God inspired Constitution. He must be removed from office as violating his oath of office to defend the constitution. If a lower position of government such as a soldier must abide his oath or suffer military justice and be imprisioned, dischared or destroyed for treason. Can you assume that a Senator is immune to the laws and ethics that form and bind our country?? Heaven forbid!! Harry Reid’s baptismal, priesthood oath & covenant, and temple covenants DEMAND in violation of the same THAT he be tried and removed from the Lord’s Church. The inaction of his personal bishop and Stake President in fulfilling their duty will land on them a serious consequences. He is not a Saint, by his actions and violation of his multiple sacred oaths. Period Period Period. Who has to do it or can get it done may be debatable But that it must be done to fulfill the obligation ‘to see there is no iniquity in the church’ is inviolate! Peace to the meek and Joy to true and faithful. Your brother

  23. Allen Mitchell

    How anyone can be a liberal democrate and be a Mormon, I will never understand. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Ried is suffering from it. He shouldn’t excomunicated, he should be voted out of office. His latest stand has joined with our enemies and emboldened them. It will cost many more of our troops their lives for political stand for power. How can you do such a thing and profess to be Mormon? He is a discrace to his Religion and his Country.

  24. Youthful Saint

    I believe that as our brother, Harry Reid is more than welcome among us. Do I personally agree with many of his decisions? No. We are the strongest church on the face of the earth and we need to stand together and remember that despite our political affiliations, there is a much higher law that all of us know as members of this great organization. If we all strive to live this law, what is there to argue about?

  25. His status as a mormon is between him, his bishop, his stake president, and God. Period.

    I (and others here, apparently) don’t agree with what he does, but that’s completely irrelevant with respect to his status in the church.

  26. True. But it still wouldn’t bother me were he to suffer a debilitating stroke. It’s how I feel about all highly placed non-patriot cowards even the LDS ones. When we must all live with a cowardly leader and one who gives the collective Church a black eye nearly every time he opens his mouth there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

  27. Luciano Barboza

    I’m not north american… I’m a Brazilian guy. I was wasting my time reading this stuff and all I can say is that the church is true and that politics won’t save our souls. In the judgement day there won’t be USA or Brazil… but lots of people in the same condition… so… think about it…

  28. That’s fine Captain Barboza, but in the mean time we have to live and that doesn’t mean that those of us here in the USA now need to chuck our culture, freedom and rights in favor of outlaws who want to come here and take -a’ la Gadianton Robbers and threaten the law abiding. Harry Reid is a wanton coward unable to do the right thing even if it happened to occur to him which it won’t. We may not be able to excommunicate him but we can surely work against him and all he sits for.

  29. harry reid has gone from a congressman earning 80000.00 a year to a multimillionaire. that is accomplished while maintaining two homes. he needs to be investigated by the justice dept to see just how he got that done. he must have made some of the same stock buys hillary clinton did.

  30. the law is the law – it cares little for politics .
    as long as we follow the law , we will be allowed to live in peace and prosperity in this land – if we do not follow the law we will be replaced by others who will , is not that the promise ?

    ask the Israelites how well that law is enforced .
    how many Israelites had to die so that the Israelites could learn the simple lesson that the law must be followed .

    is gay marriage acceptable under the law ? not at all .
    if it were to be allowed here , all will be affected.

    Do you think there would be room for the 12 million illegal immigrants , if 40 million American babies had not been murdered since Roe vs Wade ?
    has that not affected us all ? Si .
    nuff said.

  31. Last temple recommend interview I attended I was asked if I was a member of, or affiliated with, any organization with positions contrary to the teachings of the church.

    How DO Democrats get tr’s?

  32. I had heard that Harry Reid was a Mormon, I could not believe it! Now I have confirmation that he is. It must be in name only. He is a horrible representative of the Mormon faiths beliefs, and morality. He appears to be a bitter, angry person, He does not show respect for President Bush. He is a liberal democrat…. which seems totally in conflict with what I always viewed Mormonism to be. He seems filled with hate, and bitterness as evidenced by his continuous attacks on our president, and his contrary stand on moral issues.
    Reid and Polosi are largely responsible for the extreme non productive divisiveness in this country. I pray God will touch his heart and deliver him from his evil ways.


    Reid is someone who will get his in the next life. He is a lying crapweasel and is unlikely to survive the next election in Nevada as his approval ratings are lower than that of President Bush by a good margin in his home state.

    While the Church won’t excommunicate people for their political views -except perhaps views consonant with those of the Islamofascists (which Harry seems to adore) which are the literal plan of Satan put into practice -worship at gun point and intolerance and punishment of any view other than that of the goat faith itself, we are all free to note that should Harry suffer a debilitating stroke and subsequent actual -as opposed to apparent- brain death it wouldn’t trouble very many of us. Think of it as the will of Allah.

  34. While I certainly do not support Harry Reid and have some difficulty understanding how one can be a faithful member of the Church and support the Democratic party, are we being Christ-like and following His teachings when we wish bad things on other people? Christ Himself taught us to forgive and love one another. He taught us to pray for our enemy. I can clearly see Harry as my enemy and in need of my prayers. Let us be kind to others. I served in a branch presidency with a man who had been a lineman for the Denver Broncos. When he converted to Mormonism, his teammates were totally surprised. He changed his life. Harry can too. Perhaps through love and prayer, that may happen. Although I won’t hold my breath, don’t lose sight that miracles can and do happen!

  35. Oh my gosh. I really can’t believe there are so many hateful members of the church out there. How come Saints outside the US understand what it means to be an American more than some of the Saints living in this country?

    I’m not a Reid supporter (I’m not from Nevada, so I don’t know too much about him), but I tend to vote Democrat. I object to the war, and I think that America should uphold the Geneva Convention rules, and I think that we need a pragmatic immigration plan. Most Republican polititians have different plans for America. So, I’m forced to decide what’s worse: an immoral war or Abortion and same sex marriage (the former is still legal and the latter is legal in many states). To suggest that a democrat needs to turn in their recommend is somewhat offensive.

  36. The Mormon church should lose it’s tax-exempt status for supporting ANY candidate and ANY political stance. I am in favor of taxing ALL churches that political candidates stand and lecture in.

  37. The question remains the same. Do we favor a U.S. Constitution from a “Originalist” perspective? Is is a binding contract between the people and the government which the document set up?
    Ezra Taft Bensons book “God Family Country” or Skousens making of America make excelent study.

  38. I too am a mormon, but cannot believe the church hasn’t excommunicated harry reid.
    It may be because we are taught that we should all be involved in the political process, but we are not told or compelled who to vote for. We are still free to vote for whom we feel is right for the job. we should use common sense when it come to voting for any candidate however, Mormons too are subjected to the wrong info and form the wrong opinions. However, Reid will answer to a higher authority for how he performed his job as a liberal idiot .

  39. AMEN! Well said. The following is an email I sent to an ignorant, well-meaning member.
    I have been accused of being angry toward and hating those that have different political and religious beliefs from myself. As well as not being Christ-like toward those people by others who do not have full knowledge of my words and actions. But I do have a problem with the proliferation of false doctrines, beliefs, and anti-American politcal points of view being spouted off as if they are vaild points of belief and morality. Thereby being accepted as mainstream and morally equal to the gospel and our Heavenly consecrated land of liberty. The things of God are not Morally equal to the things of Satan!
    I have no problem with different views or beliefs, but they will make a difference, in the future. The more their incorrect version is heard and believed by the ignorant, the more damage is done, in the long run. That doesn’t mean you should actively fight them every step of the way as they exercise the rights that have been provided for them by Heavenly Father and maintained by everyone who have served in the military, and that does not mean that when an injustice is spoken, or enacted by them that the righteous and upstanding should not stand up and bring them down by speaking the truth, thereby correcting the incorrect.
    The only thing man must do for wickedness to prevail is for the righteous to do nothing!
    For that is the way that Sweden, for example, has become the reprehensible society that it has become. The righteous and God-fearing do and say NOTHING!
    ALLOWING the wicked and ignorant to continue to spout off their version of morality, rightness and invent something as repulsive as moral equality, has never and will never be tolerated by the Lord and should not be by His people! Case in point; in the Book of Mormon anti-Christs named Korihor and Nehor! The Lord’s people and legal representatives of that land sought the way to shut down both Korihor and Nehor! In both cases the Lord provided the way, because He would not tolerate it.
    This world is not for the wicked. The word wicked, for the purposes of this writing is those who would destroy purposes of the righteous, and those who would seek to silence the U.S. Constitution and shut up the Lord’s people. The people in this country have the right to communicate whatever they want, but consequences and/or blessings come from our actions, as well as from our words, especially in a technologically advanced world as we now live in. These wicked, be they domestic or foreign, private citizen, celebrity or elected representative want to act and say whatever comes into their brains without suffering any consequences or anyone challenging them. Such is not reality.The Lord’s church is infallible, the Lord’s people are the most pious of all people on the planet, and the U.S. Constitution is a divinely inspired document for His “choice land above all others”. If these people fight against the Lord’s church, people, and a document He established and seek to destroy the very land that He blessed and made choice above all others. And seek to establish the governments of Europe or the Middle East, thereby replacing the government the Lord established for this people are they not then doing the opposite of the Lord’s will, and is not doing the opposite of the Lord’s will the very definition of sinning!? And if what they are doing is sinning then what we are trying to accomplish is then righteousness and then sinners or the wicked NEED to be stopped! This is all within the parameters the Lord has set for this great country, called the Constitution! And if Joseph Smith and all other latter day prophets believe all the founding documents to be sacred, then who are you to believe? The media/society or the prophets of God!
    WHAT OTHER PROOF DO YOU OR ANYONE NEED THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE TO BE SHUT DOWN! NOW I am not saying that their right to run their mouths and sound like idiots needs to be stopped, BUT I am saying that we, the people, the base of power, in this Republic need to demand from our so-called representatives that they deliver the consequences to those people for their words as well as their actions that send ripples and waves of undermining anti-Americanism around the world and cause our enemies to salivate, to clap their hands with joy as they see the righteous in this country stand carelessly by as we are destroyed from the inside out.
    The Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah not because they were righteous, but because they were wicked. Don’t believe the lie that just because they have the rights and you should be Christ-like, that, that means you should ignore or even tolerate the seeds of destruction and wickedness these people are sowing!
    the war for our country and the soul’s of men are not just fought on the field of battle and on the streets it is in the “silent chambers of the heart”. It is not just a military campaign, it is a spiritual campaign. They are not seperate they are intertwined and Always will be, so says every Prophet from Joseph Smith to Gordon B Hinckley! Don’ t ignore the “street soldiers” of both the wicked and the righteous. Open your eyes. It doesn’t require a hard heart or anger or a desire to punish the wicked for their different beliefs. You are missing the point as most do. It is not about different beliefs. It is about righteousness versus wickedness. Share the gospel with those who “preach” against everything right and true and good, and when, or if that fails don’t be afraid to call them out and make the TRUTH known! Even if it means you write a letter an editor, or mass emails, etc. This is the desire of the First Presidency, NOT JUST ME! The things they do, just as the things we do in the church do matter and do and will have an effect, both in the short and long term.

  40. Been a while since I checked back. Concerning Timatotoro’s comments. Your wife knows members that are Marxists and Communists. You got some splaining to do. Marx maintained religions were the means of oppression of bourgeoise. Communists believe in the use of force to accomplish their idea of utopia. Those movements are 180 degrees from the LDS values and doctrines. Plainly one cannot be a Marxist or a Communist and LDS at the same time anymore than one could be a Nazi and LDS at the same time.

  41. Joseph Atwater

    At least Harry Reid does not send innocent men and woman into a war that lines the pockets of the Republicans who build monuments of granite lauding the names of the fallen as to say (” thanks you very much”)and array the lapels of Generals with medals of Distinction for their carnage. Its time the mormons read the 98 Section of the D&C vs 33-38 to get an idea of what the terms of war are pertaining to the Master, as he is supposed to mete out justice. Be we “Mormons” think we are are better than our God and mete out justice in our own terms with corrupt politicians. I would have thought the mormons (including myself) sacrificing 55,000 men and women in the Vietnam war would have been sufficient fodder for our so called greed of Patriotism. Politicians are not welcome in Paradise…including Republicans or Democrats
    You call take your agenda to hell with you…”he that lives by the sword shall die by the sword”

  42. Before you lay Vietnam at the doors of the Republicans, maybe you ought to go back and study your history boon some more. Ever heard of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. I think maybe they were Democrats. Under Johnson’s regime you had a bunch of people hellbent on destroying America’s military. Robert McNamara wanted to limit US military to only ICBMs so America’s only military option was to go nuclear. He and is bean counters also came with formulas indicating that a certain ratio of deaths came with a certain number of bullets being shot. They (the Democrats) were responsible for the distorted numbers from Vietnam. If we had elected Barry Goldwater instead of that liar Johnson, we would have fought Vietnam like a real war, kicked ass, and probably been home by 1968. Thousands of Americans would have not died, Vietnam would be free, Cambodia would not have experienced the killing fields, Laos would be free, and the world a whole lot better place.

    Harry Reid is committing treason by giving aid and comfort to our enemies. They are becoming more brazen in their attacks because they believe the US will weasel out like Spain did. How many lives have been lost because of Reid’s words?

    Remember Captain Moroni, to paraphrase, enough this crap. Support me and my troops or I will come and kick your ass and set the government straight.

  43. Miguel Fernandez

    As brother Timatotoro has stated, not all members of the church are right winged. As a matter of fact I´m a Venezuelan LDS of leftist political attitude. More important than that issue is the fact that I´m a true Mormon, ready to defend my faith and values to the last consecuences.

    Politics & Religion constitute an explosive combination. An example of this are arab societies. The reason for this situation is that Religion is God’s dominion (at least in our case) and Politics is the devil’s dominion. Consider Jesus’s answer to the devil in Matt 4:8-10; He never denied satan’s claim of having control over “all the kingdoms of the world”. His defense to satan’s temptation was rather on the religious arena. So there is no possibility of agreement between this 2 forces. True Mormons have to consider Politics as an instrument to protect and extend our faith and nothing else.

    The issue of homosexual marriage is a religous matter (not political). At this point I have to agree with senator Reid. But the social consecuences of having homosexual couples around, loose off, are devastating. We have been advised by our Church Leaders of the consecuences of reducing social moral standards in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”.

    Again, if marriage is a religous matter, we have to consider (as a body) our involvement in the stablishment of policies regulating it. It’s our duty to stand for it’s sacredness; not only at the US, but all around the world. The homosexual marriage issue has been presented in every country around the world by groups that are playing satan’s game of destroying families.

    In my country, a constitutional reform was presented to the people that could have given some ground to the gay community to claim legal recognition for marriage. Fortunely the people mayorly voted against it, but we have to keep watching.

    At this point I raise my voice with all the worthy Mormons of the world to stablish a common front with other Chritians that will go forward to defend our beliefs. Such a stand has to be stablished at every single country of the world.

    And again, my political views are in many other issues contrary to the mayority of the members of this forum, as I’ve been able to ponder your remarks; but I can’t relax my beliefs.

  44. Joseph Atwater

    I do not believe Heavenly Father would use the words “Kick ass” to destroy his children. Take a lesson from Heavenly Father and let Him be the judge instead of your so called “kick ass Republican attitude. I believe the scriptures say we are all children of God.We need to call upon Him to guide us and show us these difficult answers to life. Your guns and and attitude will not win wars.

  45. Joseph Atwater

    Thank God for Harry Ried , Man of God,Active member and worthy temple attendee.
    Cause sure as hell George Bush and Dick Cheney will never acheive that goal in this life nor the life to come with the blood of innocent men and woman on their garments

  46. Did I just read “thank God for Harry Ried?” My gosh are you crazy? Thank God for a man that supports abortion, gay marriage, the ACLU, and every other unholy and impure practice. Harry Ried will also die with the blood of those unborn babies on his garments and the shame of broken families. Do you even know the gospel? By their fruits ye shall know them. What good fruit does Harry Ried bear?

  47. nathan millward

    I think that it is despicable that someone of their good nature would write harsh and blasphemes things of their fellow member in their religion, I am a life long member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of latter day Saint, and ill let it all know how much this hurts me to hear a fellow member talk bad about one another,, I served a mission for my church, and I preached love and repentance threw out my brethren in Venezuela, and to come home to hear of such filth and disgrace to my church and my brother, is an absurdity to me and the church, I would like to apologize to whom ever reads this , for this is a not a true member of my church, My God will judge those in his will and not by the judgment of natural men ,. I too love everyone, Democrat and Republican, and feel bad for those who don’t follow the spirit of love and kindness, if anyone has questions of suggestions to me, please send them. I would love to talk to you. Thanks for reading, and again I apologize for this poor written article of my brother Harry Reid,
    Nathan Millward

  48. nathan millward

    I would also like to make a note or a comment to Kirk Nitz, about his or her theory of not being temple worthy. you say that democrats are for everything the church is against, I would like to express my feeling and my views on that comment, , I would like to start with a question to you. What was the Great War in Heaven about? Was it not based on the belief of free agency? You as a republican obviously would have sided with the other side. You put a definition down on the two parties, Democrats = freedom to choose. Republicans = do what I say is right… I’m sorry for spelling this out to you, but our Father in Heaven has given us the power and ability to choose for ourselves, I too believe it is wrong to have same sex marriage, and hope never to see it happen, but I’m not going to be the one to take away that persons God given right to choose. it hurts me to see people make the wrong choose, but God created this plan for the true and honest to be welcomed in the Celestial kingdom, not everyone can make it there, and I wish they could, but I also praise them for using their freedom, thanks for reading, and please pay attention to who you talk badly about, we are all children of God, and as stated by him millions of time,,, He loves everyone of us.

  49. Oh! The Republicans are evil!

    What a load of whiney-glutamous maximus excuses for Harry Reid not to support the Federal Marriage Amendment.

    Reid could have supported it war or no war.

  50. How much blood has been spilt and will be spilled because Harry Reid and his ilk. God will judge George Bush and Dick Cheney but I think they will fare better than Harry. As for Joseph Atwater, go back to the Book of Mormon and reread or read as the case maybe, about Captain Moronia. His precise words may not have been I will come and kick your ass but that was surely his sentiment.

  51. I think Senator Reid is a fine man and Senator that works to better the lives of working class people. It is a shame to see the way some of my fellow LDS members berate him the way that they do. After all, we are not to judge, only the lord has that power. Also, I do not think the church has the right to tell us how to vote. I am a Democrat, and proud of it.

  52. (For the record, I found this page when pointing a friend to the fact that some people question Reid’s activity.)

    I find many of these comments to be deeply disturbing. I don’t know if some members of the LDS Church realize how vitriolic, uninformed, and downright mean when they worship at the Rameumptom of the Republican Party. It is not our place to condemn anyone, and resorting to such puerile tactics as lobbing names like “crap weasel” “unworthy of a temple recommend,” should have a stroke,” and “Islamo-fascist-supporter” at anyone you happen to disagree with gives ALL members of the Church a bad name.

    It’s hard to maintain a vision of the Church as a vehicle to strengthen one’s relationship with Jesus Christ when stumbling upon such hate-filled ridiculousness, but I would hope most people would grant some of you the charity you seem so unwilling to grant others.

    To anyone who is actually in making an informed judgment of the man, instead of flinging knee-jerk insults, I would suggest listening to this forum speech of his at BYU: http://byubmp3.byu.edu/devos/2007/10/forum10092007.mp3

    (And if there’s any institution that would shut down any figure that was perceived to be too controversial/amoral/”anti-Church,” it would most certainly be BYU–case in point that he can’t be THAT bad.)

  53. downright mean* . . .

    EDIT: *they sound

  54. Hey, you people, Harry Reid is an outstanding member of the church.

    He says he acts the way he does as a democrat BECAUSE he is Mormon. That prophecy that says that the “constitution shall hang by a thread” and that the “Elders of the church will save it” it is happening by Harry Reid AND Mitt Romney.

    You want to save the constitution, go and get involved in politics. THAT is how this prophecy will be fulfilled. The cross hairs of the Republican and Democrat parties is what saves this nation. Not the republicans alone. IF it was just for the republicans, only 45 percent of my agenda would be covered. The other 45 is from the Democrats side. And 10 percent is common ground that either side could go for. But, the attack on Harry Reid for voting his conscious isn’t very American. Real Americans don’t attack others for standing up for what they believe to be the correct course. Heck, Elder Faust was a life long Democrat! There is room enough in our doctrine for both sides. When Elder Kimball stated that it would be hard for a democrat to be a good member of the church, he was stating his opinion as a man. Not as the Prophet. Elder Kimball was a very political figure, he almost ran for President of the US, before he got talked out of it. He is able to have and share his own opinions and be the Lord’s Prophet at the same time. Joseph Smith was a Democrat. Some of us lean one way, some lean to the other. Neither one of them has superiority over the other.

    If you read our history, you will see times when the leadership has different opinions about politics among each other. The League of Nations, UN, FDR, these are all things that Elders Joesph Fielding Smith, Heber J Grant, David O Mckay was against, but, that was his opinion on political matters and not him talking as the Prophet.

    But, if you study Joseph F. Smith, you will see a lot of Harry Reid. Harry Reid IS what most of the LDS population WAS on issues, ect, a 100 years ago.

    So, stop attacking Elder Harry Reid for doing what he thinks is right.

    He is more like Captain Moroni than you want to admit. His moral compass does not waiver. Just like Captain Moroni’s. He wants only what is good for his people, just like Captain Moroni. Heck, I am even pretty sure Captain Moroni wouldn’t have a problem with Harry Reid.

  55. The Lord told Joseph that the Constitution was an inspired document. Separation of Church and State a very important part of our freedom.
    Remember Satan wanted to control everyone and make choice for us. We must be very careful to understand choice and what a great gift it is.
    Many in the church do not believe in choice, all should live the gospel and if they don’t want to they are somehow bad.
    Why are we here?
    Do we understand agency?
    Would Jesus approve of this kind of attitude?
    Think hard about these questions for your eternal lives may be at stake.
    Worry about your own salvation, force no one to bend to your will or you may find yourself unrepentant on that glorious day when the Savior returns.
    Those who advocate choice and agency are on the path to Salvation. The journey and what we learn while in this probation is the most important experience we will ever have. That is what we know for sure.
    Christ didn’t associate with the learned or the rich he choose the poor and destitute as his companions.
    If you fail to see the spiritual greatness of those among you, who are you?

  56. My friends, If non LDS were reading this blog it would be an embarrasment for missonary work.

  57. Harry Reid is a despicable human being and should not be allowed to stand within the ranks of the Elders of Israel. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that he does.

    Captain Moroni would have slain, or caused to be put to death, Harry along with the rest of the criminals in congress!

    Who the hell are you John? Pull your head out of your ass!!

    Read some Ezra Taft Benson and re-read Alma 46 and 62.

    President Benson, in his book “An Enemy Hath Done This”, warned of three types of internal enemies to our free republic:

    1. “Well-meaning but uninformed people who see the shortcomings of our economic system and believe they can legislate them out of existence.”

    2. “Self seeking men who see in government legislation a way to obtain special privileges for themselves or to restrain their competitors.”

    3. “a smaller group is dedicated to the overthrow of the economic and social system that is our tradition.”

    So, I ask you: Which category does dirty Harry fall into?

    Personally I think he is mostly category 1, but somewhat category 2 as well. But, his actions also aid and abet those in category 3.

    Harry Reid is an enemy to The United Sates of America and to free men and lovers of liberty everywhere. He is an embarassment and a disgrace to members of the church of Christ. His actions are far worse than one excommunicated on grounds of adultery, and therefore should be excommunicated.

    As far as John’s request that those of us who see the light stop attacking Reid for doing what he “thinks” is right. This is an absurd request. If what he thinks is right is actually wrong, then we have an obligation to oppose him and defend what is actually right.

    By the way, why does the tired battle between Republicans and Democrats have to be drug into this? Forget party affiliation. This is about right and wrong; good and evil; principles founded on truth and those founded on falsehood and deceit. Besides, it can hardly be said that the state of either party resembles what they once were or what they stood for. A party affiliation is merely a political means to an end. Its absurd to think that all people could be divided and lumped into two categories. However, that being said, one can argue with sufficient historical proof that one party has been a better steward of the promotion and defense of individual inalienable rights of man.

  58. I am convinced that Harry Reid is one of the “grievous wolves” that have been entering into the flock as prophesied for the Latter Days. Besides supporting every manner of iniquity from abortion to atheism, Reid has been a leader in the fight to overturn our constitutional republic in favor of pure Socialism. Now under the leadership of Harry Reid, along with Nancy Pelosi and Barak Obama, he is on the verge of succeeding.

    Socialism, i.e., Liberalism or Progressivism, is Satan’s corrupt version of the United Order. Socialism is coersive, anti-religious, hedonistic, amoral philosophy that seeks to make the State (that is, politicians like Reid) into the only acceptable religion.

    Progressives, Liberals, Socialists and Communists – all different names for the same thing, brought us such wonderful blessings as eugenics, Fascism, Nazism, the cultural purfication campaigns of Stalin and Chairman Mao and the killing fields of Cambodia under Pol Pot. Hundreds of millions of human beings were slaughtered in the last century by people sharing Harry Reid’s philosophy with the goal of creating a socialist eutopia free from such “mental disorders” as a faith in God.

    This is a war between good and Evil, and Harry Reid is not just on the side of evil, but a leader in their cause. Whose side are you on?

    I once had a beer with a friend and couldn’t go to the temple for a year – that is as it should be – I was not worthy. Still, I have never taken a bribe, or worked to ensure abortion mills can continue to slaughter millions of innocent lives each year, or actively worked to undermine the Constitution to take away our God given rights as has Harry Reid.

    For those of you who think we should “stop attacking Harry Reid for doing what he thinks is right,” should we have stopped attacking Hitler for doing what he thought was right? Of course not! We have a duty to be vigilant and use our judgement lest we be deceived and carried away into condemnation by the likes of Senator Harry Reid.

  59. I know from God that Joseph was a prophet. I know from God that the church is true.
    That doesn’t prevent me from seeing bad attitudes in the church membership and from feeling embarassed to be associated with people that run off at the mouth so viley as some of the above writers do.
    Nobody is perfect and all are required to act to do good.
    The church organisation acts to preserve itself. Sometimes it doesn’t cover itself with glory. In the meridian of time it stopped doing that and it disappeared – heck, it has almost lost the plot several times since 1830, but recovers eventually and survives.
    Reed Smoot was subjected to religious bigotry by Congress and was kept out for years until a special bill was passed that prevented religious bigotry from keeping anyone out. Then he went on to co-author a bill that, when passed, led to the worst catastrophe in US commercial-industrial history (Smoot-Hawley Act).
    The Utah government of the day nominated another Utah politician (Jake Garn) to be flown into space then THEY BROUGHT HIM BACK!!!
    Jake laughed at that irony himself.
    Not every Republican thinks that Hunstman is doing a good enough job. Not everyone will think that Romney will do so when his turn comes along and if he takes it up.
    His turn will come because cronyism is alive and well in both major parties in US politics. Like Abraham Lincoln, he just has to bide his time and be perceived to have paid his dues.
    Gordon Smith is the Republican light in an otherwise Democrat extended family. He voted against the party line a couple of times towards the end and lost his seat. I think he was dispicable over his gun vote, but hey, he’s my brother and that’s more impotant to me than to lambast him as some of the above have lambasted Reid, even though his vote likely enabled many civilian deaths. He changed his tune towards the end and paid the price to the Republican gun lobby. Impressive performance.
    In summary, don’t get confused between the church defending itself by flexing its muscle and elders of the church doing their civic duty.
    There are a lot more people in the high rise in SLC than the 15 Apostles who hold the keys. As with all goverments they wield a lot of power because they do the doing after the executive have done the pronouncing. Sometime conflicts arise between the LDS ecclesiastical line and the LDS secular beuracracy.
    Those conflicts have recently been addressed in part by releasing local church leaders who have been answering to their LDS beuracracy uplines rather than to the Lord.
    So, what about Reid – to quote the Master “go thou and do likewise”.
    Calumny is defaming him at the moment, it alwasy does – particulary in a polarised and insular organisation like the LDS church in western USA.
    Remember, Jesus wasn’t an American. More than 50% of the church is not American by birth. Soon most of the church will no longer be caucasian. The day of the Gentile is nearly over. This too will pass.
    Reid should take courage from the patient example of the blacks in the USA for all these years. I do.
    The character assasination of Reid by western mormons may eventually make a martyr of him, just as occurred with Smoot. And he will live and die as honest a man as many and more so than some.
    And the vitriolic will not inherit the earth (thankfully).

  60. Like many in biblical and Book of Mormon times those who received their 20 pieces of silver will have to answer to the Lord; remember eternity is a long time

  61. Sacrifice your own political interest is the key to promote righteousness.

    Basic. Just to end the issue and preserve Reid membership in the kingdom of God.

  62. For a little background – I grew up in the church, my ancestors converted close to the beginning (in fact my great-great-uncle was first counselor in the first presidency to four prophets), I served a mission but due to some personal issues I have been inactive for the last 12 years. I keep tabs on the church, and I have always been suprised to hear that Harry Reid is a member.

    This forum/thread has been thought provoking to say the least. But, let me make a few comments on the previous comments.

    There seems to be a pattern in the comments coming from each side of the political spectrum, republicans/conservatives are quite confident that Senator Reid is a disgrace to the faith not to mention the country, and democrats are disgusted by any degree of intolerance, especially by the members of the church. The best comment being – “Democrats = freedom to choose. Republicans = do what I say is right”, I guess tolerance only goes one way.

    This is precisely the reason why many members of the church can’t understand how anyone could be a democrat. Should we be tolerant of the freedom to choose an abortion? Of course we shouldn’t militantly oppose it if the law of the land protects abortion, but to advocate for the continuation of that right would be morally equal to advocating to make the extermination of Mormons in Missouri a time honored tradition. The common sense of the gospel invites the converted to stand against blatant wickedness, instead democrats cower behind slogans of counterfeit “tolerance”and “freedom”. The intellectually honest among us understand that freedom isn’t free – it requires an adherence to law.

    I do agree that as a member of the church Harry Reid has the agency to choose to buy into democrat values/issues, and I agree that it may not be a damning decision, but I also think that his creator wishes he had more common sense to stand and oppose wicked ideals.

    It’s also easy to see why the church hasn’t excommunicated the guy – I’d rather not see the church on the defensive against the ranking Senator (for another year anyway, then you can ex him).

    I also wince every time it’s mentioned in a news story that he happens to be Mormon – not a great billboard for righteous souls seeking God’s true church. (“Wow, Harry Reid is a Mormon? When did that church start giving abortion a pass? I guess we should go see the Baptists first honey.”)

    This coming from a disillusioned member suffering from a lingering Mormon conviction.

  63. The church might already have done so. Excommunication is a private matter between the member, the Church, and God.

  64. I have just one more thing to say. If a Mormon does not follow specific direct council from their Prophet then they’re not actually a Mormon at all. They are an apostate. Whether Harry is is not up to me to determine, but all I can say is that he seems to be walking on dangerous ground.

    I will never vote for him again.

  65. Well, I do believe he has now stepped over the line and into apostasy, but that is not for me to decide.

  66. To answer the original question, the church doesn’t excommunication Reid because it’s not a wise move politically. It cast’s the LDS church in a bad light. It’s a PR move–nothing to do with right, wrong or gospel principles. If a typical member openly set out to destroy the constitution and christian principles, or “sympathized” with parties that did, let alone lead such parties, they would be brought under scrutiny. Don’t fool yourself. The church is very much into playing the political game FIRST. When it comes to stakes this high, gospel principles are an afterthought.

  67. It is impossible for church members who are not from the US, to understand this, but make no mistake. If the Constitution is sundered, in the US,
    where church headquarters are located, and forces opposed to free agency are established, there will be no
    true church anywhere.

    Harry Reid was prophesied by Isaiah as a
    wolf in sheep’s clothing, a tare among the wheat.
    He is an embarrassment to members of the LDS church, as he works to force anti-family, marxist mandates in the health care bill, down the throats of Americans; as he champions abortion, obstructs border control, supports a cap and trade bill that will bankrupt American families, and is a member of the Trilateral Commission, a luciferian organization.

    If you could see the number of ministering angels attending to the anquish of aborted babies as they die by burning salt, dismemberment or stab wounds to the neck, you would wonder how God does not burn us where we stand, for participating, for condoning, for ignoring, that vast tragedy. 48 million since
    Roe vs Wade, 1/5th of those in the third trimester, viable outside the womb. The white carpet of the angels robes is infinite to the eye
    of a beholder in a fallen state.

    It is fine to speak of love, but when action to
    save those we love does not follow, the words are meaningless. Our families are at stake, yet
    we excuse and confuse and remain blind while
    Reid exacerbates everything contemptible about our civilization, from within our ranks.

    The burden on members of the church from just one man, Harry Reid, will become the prophecy of persecution of the saints in the last days.
    He will turn us over to his coven, proving his
    allegiance without doubt then.
    Who will have shelter in those days, coming too
    soon, and who will try to hide, as Christ arrives
    to collect the meek, from the raging wars?

  68. I was raised Catholic, switched to non-denominational Christianity, have been intrigued with Mormonism and trying to decide if it is the path for me. However, if Harry Reid is a Mormon, I feel there is something wrong with the faith.

    • Dear Ms. Wasik, My wife was Catholic too and turned LDS Morman about 11/2 years after we were married. Please remember, in any group, organization or church you have members and then you have the CHURCH. Sometimes, through no fault of the church or organization you have members not being good examples of their church or organization. So, please, if you don’t like Mr. Reid, hold it against the CHURCH. I was Lutheran until I was 21 years old and my dad’s side of the family were Catholic so when I made a choice to become a member of the CHURCH, I was questioned. As time went by, people understood why I changed. Get through all of the misconceptions and untruths spread about the church and you will feel confident that it is good.

      Don’t let people like Mr. Reid sway you. There are, unfortunately, many like him.
      Best of luck to you in finding what you are looking to obtain, Larry Velasco

  69. I have been a faithful member of the Church for over 30 years. My faith in the leadership of the Church has been compromised by the leaders unwillingness to speak out against Harry Reid and other enemies of our Constitutional Republic. Embracing Harry Reid is like endorsing a Gadiaton Robber.

  70. Reid is not a real Mormon, no need to ex him, God will

  71. Kudos to John and Jason.

    I get awfully tired of the self-righteousness of so many Republican LDS that falsely view their political beliefs as having the same divine sanction as their religious beliefs.

    Anyone who seriously believes that Harry Reid should be excommunicated is a mormon minus the second ‘m’.

    Maybe we should have excommunicated Pres. Faust as well?

    Anyone who is honest in heart will recognize that both parties offer platforms that agree with LDS teachings in some areas and diverge with them in others.

  72. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I say to those who despise Brother Harry Reid and wish him excommunicated that Harry Reid is a child of God. God has deep love for each of His children and knows our hearts. Leave it to Him to do the judging. Trust in God and know He truly is in charge. Check yourselves and see that you continue your faith in He that has created you and given you all. It is our duty to love all and forgive all. God knows us individually. He is mindful of all things. He understands all things where we do not have that capacity. There is a plan for Harry Reid just as there is for each of us. Remember the analogy of the mote and the beam and remember that no one other than Jesus Christ has or ever will live a perfect life without sin. Are you following Jesus Christ or are you one who would have stoned Mary Magdelain? No greater love can one show than Jesus. Look towards his example. We are experiencing a great sifting of wheat from tares. Do not be so complacent in your lives to believe that all is well when in your own heart you may harbor anger and discontent. Who is the better person? Mary Magdelain or you? You or Harry Reid? Each of us has need of the healing balm of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It cannot be forced on others but you can apply it in your own lives. By doing so you become a greater force/example for good. Be not so concerned with whether Harry Reid is one of the deceived very elect and be concerned with whether or not you are because of the hardness you may be allowing to occur in your own heart. I don’t defend Harry Reid’s political views but I am sure many active members will fall away from the church and lead away others and bring upon more condemnation and persecution as a result of the negativity they feel about this situation yet Harry remains active and pays his tithes. Is church only for those who are perfect? I am a conservative before I am a party affiliate. Conservatives should align themselves with the teachings of Christ. The greatest of commandments is to love one another.

  73. Family law should belong to the States, not the Federal Government. Mormons know this better than any other group as many of our forefathers were marshaled by Federal Troops because of polygamy. The States should fight to retain the rights of Family Law (10th Amendment rights) and not concede them to the Federal Government.
    Many Mormons support 10th Amendment rights for States. Harry Reid is just one of them.

  74. Gene F. Danforth

    One thing that often is overlooked is the Doctrine and Covenants that states we should friendship the Constitution, an Inspired Document. Mormons should adopt this when considering politics. It seems Harry Reid has forgotten this or simply put it out of his mind.
    Look to those who wrote the Constitution, not a hand full of politial socialist judges.We are being robbed of our legacy right before our eyes. So free health care is a gift from the government? Yet you are fined if you don’t want it? How can any one vote for a bill that they have not studied?
    They all need to be impeached.
    David O. MaKay once wrote that”We are traveling down the soul destroying road to Socialism” .
    May We awaken us before it is too late

  75. Marianne Smiley

    Judge not,that ye may not be judged, for with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye measure, it shall be measured unto you. Why seest thou the mote in thy brother’s eye, and perceivest not the beam in thine own eye?


  76. I read a book once based on the truths and prophesies of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It talked about how, in the latter days, there would be many people from other lands flocking to the promised land (as we LDS members have been taught is the USA) for sanctuary. The book mentioned that one will not build a house and another inhabit. That we may live next to people that have entirely different beliefs than we have, but we are to “leave them alone” concerning their beliefs. Heavenly Father has given each of us free agency to guide us according to our perspectives of his sacred laws. Who are we to judge another person’s views.

  77. I am the one that stated the post of how it is that Harry Reid has not been excommunicated. I never knew it would draw so much attention. I must say that I am a literal grandson of a revolutionary colonel that faught alongside with Washington. That being said, I have deep feelings and roots to the constitution and the devine guidience of The creator of this world himself. In excommunication, you can be excommunicated if your teachings go agianst the teachings of the church. Apostasy, Rebellion, Cruelty to wives and children, immorality, and ALL crimes involving moral turpitude, ( abjection, corruptness, debasement, debauchery, decadence, decadency, degeneracy, degenerateness, degeneration, degradation, demoralization, depravity, dissipatedness, dissipation, dissoluteness, libertinage, libertinism, perversion, pervertedness, rakishness, corruption.) With this said, The church has brought certain individuals that have done some things outside of the church and against the very standards it is guided by. I feel for Harry Ried and if his heart is not changed, all the murdered babies, sodomy. corruptness. debasement, debauchery, demoralization, ect, will be held against him. Indeed Joseph Smith would have excommunicated anyone who went into goverment affiliation and tried to do as Reid has done and would have excomminicated him. Ther is a question on the temple recommend that cerainly would keep him from poluting the temple.

  78. I believe that gays and lesbians have the right to repent. I do not agree the phase of ideas that gays and lesbians have no right to repent. Why did Jesus came to save sinners and the just he did not come to save. The Lord of Hosts is for all the people. I believe that God is love and God is love. I believe that God came to seek for his own and his little sheep. It is a false and idea and deceptive notion that Jesus did not come to save gays, and lesbians because they are sinners and are also part of God because God is love and he seeks those who seek him with all of their heart. As I came to see and visit them to seek them so in order I can bring them back to Christ, for these are the sheep whose Jesus are seeking, the lost sheep. Jesus did not call just but sinners. He came to save the sinners, and I believe all gays and lesbians have also part of the kingdom of God and the church and have the right to repent of their sins. For God died for all. Gays and lesbians are also daughters of God. But, God seeks people to love him, worship him and caress him and God did not come to lose souls and for all souls are so precious to the eyes of God. God sent missionaries to bring them and save them because Jesus was among the sinners, the drunkards, and gays, and harlots and the apostles asked him not to join with them and Jesus said, worry not, and he was among them and he came to save sinners, and even Jesus loved the prostitute and save her out of the crowd who condemned her for adultery and Jesus said, sin no more. Why Jesus came to die? Jesus died on the cross and he came for his own. Well, if he has sinned, then why do they judge him? God came to save and it is our job to help him to repent, and not cast him away and put him down, because Jesus came to save the sinner. We must not be like the pharisees who cast the stones, when Jesus said, he who is free of sin, cast thy first stone!

  79. It’s not just about prop 8. It is EVERYTHING Reid stands for. You can’t be a Christian and be that corrupt. He is a really bad person and a horrible mark on the Mormon church.

  80. yet as anouth "jack mormon"

    Will someone explaine to me why I, feel, I ,can not atened Church ..yet this man is alload to too stay in “goodstanding”? my faith is being challenged on this point ….
    call this a cry for help? …or a test? why is he not gone? … this is very trobeling too me… I will watch this “post”?
    love ya
    {excepept harrey}
    lol …

  81. When you vote for same sex marriage as a politician, or defend a child molester as a criminal attorney, or swear as a judge or attorney that what you say is true or beyond reasonable doubt, you arent only taking upon you the consequences of your job/position. You take upon you the consequences of God. Many times in the bible men tried to justify their acts with “the law” and God said that his laws were greater. You cannot seperate the two. Once you accept the gospel you must act accordingly. When Harry Reid casts a vote, he must cast that vote as Christ would as his obligation is to God first then Nevada. His actions must reflect his convictions. Not every man that sayeth Lord Lord will inheret the kingdom, but he that doeth! Harry needs to DO what Christ would, not what Vegas would. He will answer for it, and if any other member was in a position of power as he is, and supported Satans work by vote or vocal opinion they would be excommunicated. If it isnt Gods work..its Satans. Dont confuse yourselves.

  82. Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

    At the very least his insistence on supporting organizations such as Planned Parenthood would make this question an interesting one in his next temple recommend interview… But hey I’m not his bishop… Just raisin the question thats all.

  83. The church seems to have forgotten the proper principles of judgment. The Left stands against the founding principle of man’s agency. They do this by using government power to FORCE the taxpayers to finance movements that are either immoral or illegitimate under the Constitution. Agency was the very issue that Lucifer stood against, and he did it under the guise of kindness, by offering to save all of mankind. That’s exactly the same tactic that Harry Reid, and the Left, are using. Harry Reid knows better. Because he is standing for the very principles that destroy individual agency, which was Lucifer’s crime, Harry SHOULD be excommunicated from a church who claims to be Lucifer’s enemy. If it had been up to Joseph Smith, Harry Reid would have been ex’d long ago. The church leadership today, however, is intent on making the church popular instead of doing the right thing. By allowing men like Reid to remain in the church, they corrupt it. In their desire to appear “kind” before the world, the church fails in judgment and compromises her own standing with God.

  84. I have read these posts with interast and must weigh in.
    Now listen up boys and girls! The diologe you just ingaged in is nothing more or less than a continuation of the War in heaven. Remember it was refered to as a ” war!” This was not a war with swords and guns , this was a war of ideologies. For those who think ones poisition on politices does not matter to the Lord, you are sadly mistaken. Ezra T. Benson [prophet] Quote-“Our political philosophy and actions are a reliabel measure of our moral character. ones views on goverment constitute his most sincer beliefs regarding good and evil and thus reflect his inherent moral nature.” He also warned, quote “The socilist communist movment which is being implemented by welfare- state programs[Obama,Reid and Palosy] constitue the greatest challange to freedom.” He went on to say “its tenticals have spread over the entier earth” Does this not sound consistant with the scriptural warning ” and Satan decivith the whole world” In a conferance address Pres. Benson warned-” I testify that wickedness is expanding in EVERY segment of socioty, secreat combinations lusting for power, gain and glory are flurishing. A secreat combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations and countries is increasing its evil influance and control over anerica and the world” And just so we are not confused what Pres Benson is refering to. In another talk he said ” our families may be corrupted by worldly trends and teachings unless we know how to use the B of M to expose and COMBAT the falsehoods in socilisam, organic evolution, rationalisam, and humanisam.” In last falls conferance, An apostle of the Lord,Elder Boyd K Packer warned-“This general conferance was conviened at a time when there is such confusion that our young people hardly know which way to walk”—- ” WE raise an alarm and warn members of the church to WAKE UP and undrstand what is going on”—– ” The Lord is voting for me and Satan is voting against me, but it is my vote that counts” IT IS MY VOTE THAT COUNTS! Let us never forget that how we vote, what we stand for, will indeed be one of the great deciding factors in revieling our “inherant moral nature” Years ago Heber C. Kimbel declared, ” there is a test, a test, a test is coming.” This is our test, this was the very reason we were sent hear to earth, It was to be tested. Why did the lord not let Laman and Lemual drown in the darn sea. Look how much better of the rest of Lehies family would have fared. ” There need be opisition in all things”
    In my humbel opinion, The reason that the church will never come out and excommunicate Harry Reid is no differant that why the Lord allowed lusifer enough rope to hang himself as well as 1/3 of the hosts of heaven, and yet it says that he was a lier from the very begining. And for those who think the war in heaven was simply a battal over the right of choice, you too are sadly mistaken. ” And others he will paceify, and lull them into carnal security,– and thus the devil cheath there souls, and leadeth them away carefuly down to hell.” In the preexistance,1/3 of the hoist did not knowingly and willfully disobay God and “choose” to be cast out of heaven as opposed to obaying and following Christ. They were given agancy, They were then”lulled” away just as they are today.”And that evil one taketh away light and truth” These spirits failed to recive light and truth and act upon it. They bought into satans lie and gave up pearonal agancy and responsibility in exchange for false security.” not one soul shall be lost” Just as socialisium today lulls one into giving up pearsonal freedom for the precived security promised by big brother. Pres. Paker- “Agancy is precious, we can follishly, blindly give it away, but it can not be forcibly taken from us.”
    For those who are offended by these bold truths and think it is “hateful” to point out the errors of Harry Reid and socilisam, you would do well to read the word of the lord as revield threw the Prophet Joseph Smith. D@c 123:7 ” It is an imperative duty that we owe to God, to angels, with whom we shall be brought to stand, and also to ourselves, to our wives and children, who have been made to bow down with grief, sorrow, and care, under the most damning hand of murder, tyranny, and oppression, supported and urged on and upheld by the influence of that spirit which hath so strongly rivitted the creeds of the fathers, who have inherited lies upon the hearts of the children, and filled the world with confusion, and has been growing stronger and stronger, and is now the very mainspring of all corruption, and the whole earth groans under the weight of its iniquity.[13] Therefore that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, whrein we know them, and they are truly manifest from heaven- ]14] These should then be attended to with great ernistness. [15] Let no man count them a small thing, for there is much lieth in futurity, pertaning to the saints, which depend upon these things.”
    One of the great defining exampels taught in the B of m is found in the book of Helaman. It credits the Lamanites rise in stature to the fact that when they found these secreat combinations among them, ” they did us every means in there power to destroy them from the face of the earth”.In contrast the fall of the nephites is credited to the fact that ” they did build them up and support them that there by they might partake of there spoils.” How sad it is today to see so many members of the church willing to support the evils of socialisam that they too might partake of the spoils.
    Pres.Benson-” We are assured that the church will remain on the earth until the lord comes again–But at what price? The early saints were promised that zion would be established in Jackson County, but look what their unfaithfulness coast them in blood shed and delay” Benson then quotes-“President J. Rubboen Clark warned us that we stand in danger of losing our liberties,ad that once lost, only blood will bring them back; and that once lost, we of this church will, in order to keep the Church moving foreword, have more sacrifices to make and more persecutions to endure than we have yet known…And he stated that if the conspiracy comes hear it will probably come in its full vigor and there will be a lot of vacant places among those who guide and direct, not only this goverment, but also this church of ours.” [SEE YA! HARRY]
    Benson–“No American is worthy of citizenship in this great land who refuses to take an active interast in this important matter. Stand up for freedom, no matter what the coast. It will help to save your soul, and maybe your country!”
    Its time to WAKE UP and know what is going on!

  85. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latte Day Saints I feel that Harry Reid is not my one of my favorite guys, as Barry Soetoro Hussein, Little Timmy Guithner, Eric Holder, Rohm Emanuel, Barney Frank and so on aren’t. BUT, I don’t know enough about the man to say he should or should not be excommunicated. I would hope he hasn’t done anything that would warrant that. I am not the judge of those things. So, as strongly as I dislike Mr. Reid, I am not qualified nor would I judge him. I think he is on the wrong track but he probably thinks I am too. We have to REMOVE Barry Soetoro Hussein. He is the main reason that we are in the trouble we have gotten into since he was elected. There is not doubt in my mind that Barry is not interested in OUR country. The person is not qualified to have a paper route. Concerned AMERICAN, Larry Velasco

  86. Brown hair76@yahoo.com

    Yeah, let the Church excommunicate.There are lots of sick and mental sick people in the Church. Let them alone and leave them alone. Let them be destroyed themselves.

  87. I trust the church authorities to make such determinations as excommunications. I’ve made enough mistakes in my life, I don’t need to take the risk of making an erroneous judgment against Harry Reid. He is a brother whom I believe has made serious mistakes in judgment, but he is a brother. I am in full disagreement with his “stated” political beliefs and his actions, but I simply can’t afford to be judgmental against him, only against what he seems to espouse. I would not do things the way he does them, but to presume to know the Lord’s position, or that of a Prophet of the Lord… well, I can’t see that coming to any good thing.

  88. This whole thread shows the continual inability of a country bound by pledges of loyalty to the U.S. constitution ignoring that oath because everyone with faith inherently believes that “god’s: laws are higher than man’s.

    It is impossible to separate church and state when you allow openly religious citizens to become elected officials.

    Every time the president says “God bless the U.S.A.” he validates the perpetual unconstitutional MERGING of religion and politics and blurs the line that the constitution CLEARLY makes.

    I believe ANY elected official who openly indicates that his religious beliefs are in any way associated with their policy SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE. When ideology is minimized to the fullest extent possible, only then will our legislative system begins to work gau

  89. My my how pharasee-like of us to start excommunicating people because of their political beliefs. May I remind your readers of the prophet Joseph Smith’s statement: “While one portion of the human race is judging and condemning the other without mercy the great parent of the universe looks upon the whole of the human family with a fatherly care and paternal regard. He views them as His offspring and without any of those contracted feelings that influence the children of men…”

  90. Robert Nielson

    The current polls say people are in general more accepting of a potential mormon president. My God, If they read this,their attitude would change immediately! The ACLU evil? How do Democrats get a Temple recommend? Holy [edit]! What a load of pure and simple judgmental, un-christlike drivel! It seems like Mr. Reid is doing an admirable job! Shut up and let him do it! If Romney is elected our country will be plunged into a cultural, moral and economic regression! We need many more like Harry Reid not less. If the contributors here are representative of mormon belief then I would state that the church has a far closer affinity to Satan than it ever will to Christ!

  91. I think after Harry Reid’s activity today along with his false witness against Mitt Romney, it is more than enough now to excommunicate him.

  92. I am curious; In light of Reid’s, recent comments about Romney’ having sullied The Mormon religion, will he face any scrutiny from church leaders. We nominated Romney based on his values that Reid, now publicly trashes. Reid is a proven liar, cheat and fraud , who has for years sullied the Mormon church. His prominence as speaker of the Senate, is an insult to Americans who still honor God and his works here on earth. He is a prime example of a two bit phony using religion for his own purpose. I am not a Mormon, If however I was, I would be demanding he be rebuked by those in charge of maintaining the dignity of the church. Thanks for letting me vent. I found your site looking to connect with somebody of your faith: imagine the hundreds of thousands of frustrated Americans seeking to vent their anger over Harry Reid’s remarks regarding Romney and his Mormon faith. Reid is for abortion, Gay marriage and the complete re-making of our god given values. In any faith he works against God. What motivates him is the far left , that is where his true faith lies. Thanks Kurt.

  93. I almost never leave a response, but I looked at a bunch of comments here
    Will the Mormons Please Excommunicate Harry Reid Already |
    LDS Patriot. I actually do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind.
    Could it be simply me or do some of the comments appear as if they are coming from brain dead people?
    😛 And, if you are writing at other sites, I’d like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Would you post a list of the complete urls of all your social networking pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

  94. I certainly do not profess to know Harry Reids standing in the LDS Church, but it appears he still claims membership, I don’t know if he presently holds a Temple Recommend, but it angers me to see an often times uninformed at best and probably just dishonest Harry Reid make comments about people like Mitt Romney, and never producing what he claimed was proof of Mitt Romneys financial dishonesty. And now he says that all of the horror stories about Obamacare are all lies. Really Mr Reid, what gives you the right to spout off about things to the whole nation and really to the whole world (because of your high public office) that are obviously untrue? Before you spout off Mr Reid you should do your homework and have proof before you say things that will obviously hurt other individuals. You in my opinion Mr Reid are often times a huge blackeye to mankind and to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints not because of your political viewpoints but because of your obvious dishonesty on a regular basis.

  95. I could not have said it any better. Call me old fashioned, but at the very least, is it not a very basic tenet of RLDS or, for that matter, any other organized Christian religion to not intentionally bear false witness against another person, irrespective of the rationale? In this case, it is even more horrific as both the accuser and the accused are followers of the very same religious order and the accuser, especially in this case, carries a lot of additional societal recognition considering his esteemed role in the United States Senate. It is of little wonder why polls regularly show how abysmally low the average citizen holds our elected leaders in so far as integrity, honesty and maturity values are concerned. This latest revelation by Senator Reid merely reinforces that contention. Why can’t we as a country just go back to basic integrity and honesty, especially when it comes to our governance at all levels of elected office holders? Is there no shame or a sense of patriotism left amongst us? Is this the tru will of the people? If so, we are on the downward slope of our era of greatness as a nation and it is all brought about by zealousness instead of integrity. This nation wasn’t founded on a series of lies but it will surely perish if it’s future is based upon anything other than truth, integrity and just plain ‘ol ordinary honesty.

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