Israel to Widen Ground Offensive in Lebanon

This is reminiscent of WWII when the U.S. fought Imperial Japan in the Pacific Campaign. The Japanese had a prolonged time to build up and fortify their caves, tunnels, and pillboxes against air strikes. In short, nothing but a ground assault would led to victory.

Likewise, Israel has no choice in the matter but to increase the ground offensive against Hezbollah. How else can they stop the rocket attacks (over 2,000 by now)? It is the right move. It is the only way to root out the terrorist.

QANA, Lebanon – Israel approved plans to widen its ground offensive against Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon early Tuesday. The country’s Security Cabinet also rejected calls for a cease-fire until an international peacekeeping force, preferably headed by NATO, was in place. …[Read more]

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  1. Except of course that it won’t actually work. After 20 days, Hezbollah is still firing well over 100 rockets into Israel. Meanwhile public opinion in the Arab world, which at first condemned Hezbollah now praise them for standing up to Israel for so long.

    What other group or nation has been able to withstand Israeli forces for so long and still fire back? None. The more you fire at Lebanon, the stronger Hezbollah gets.

    Meanwhile, India and Pakistan are “remaining engaged” and talking to each other. You know what this means? It means they are not fighting each other. This is a good thing. War is never a good thing.

  2. Of course it will work, just like the island-hoping campaign in WWII cleared out all the Japanese. It is only a function of time.

    Wars may not be a “good thing”, but at times they are “necessary things. “

  3. In this case, though, it is not a good thing for Israel.

  4. but….you say the comparison of the GWOT and WWII are comparing apples to oranges, yet here you are yet again comparing the two. Either they can be compared or they cannot.

    In this case, because this is the second time you’ve compared Bush’s GWOT and WWII, I will say again, Roosevelt took only three and a half years to fundamentally and completely alter the entire world, and also bring peace. It is now FIVE years since Bush began his GWOT. How’s he doing? a miserable failure.

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