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9/11, Steven Jones, and Me – Part 4

As I have been reviewing Professor Jones’ paper for part 4, I have come across two articles that, taken together, have done this already and from what I’ve read so far, they’ve done a much better job than I could ever dream of doing, so rather than rebuilding the wheel, I’ll point you to them for a more complete review.

The first is an article written by Brent Blanchard, senior editor at Implosion World.  The article is located here.  I also found another copy of it here.  I included both in case either link goes away.

According to Mr. Blanchard, he was at ground zero during the cleanup after 9/11 and he goes through some common misconceptions about demolition that demolition theorists are getting wrong.  Some examples of the myths he debunks are:

Assertion 1: “The towers’ collapse looked exactly like explosive demolitions.”

Assertion 2: “But they fell straight down into their own footprint.”

Assertion 3: “But explosive charges (aka plumes, squibs, etc.) can clearly be seen shooting from several floors just prior to collapse”

Assertion 4: “Several credible eyewitnesses are adamant that they heard explosion in or near the towers.”

These are just the first four out of nine total assertions that are debunked and explained from a professional demolitionist point of view.  Mr. Blanchard also says that he spoke to Professor Jones in 2006 about his paper.  It’s a good article.  Go read it.

The second article is by Mike King and it uses the above article as a source as he discusses Professor Jones’ paper.  It is here.  It is a very good read also.  I recommend it.

I think I’m done with this topic and I want to move onto another one: seeking truth.  In my years interacting with conspiracy theorists and others, I have noticed many traits, motivations, and behaviors that are quite interesting to me.  In my next article, I will cover what I have found.  It’s interesting because in observing these traits in others, I have been able to identify some of those traits within myself too and have been able to progress as a person as I have tried to get rid of these traits.  See you soon!

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Mitt Romney files paperwork for 2008 bid

Romney moves closer as an official candidate in the United States presidential election, 2008, by filing exploratory committee papers. Per wiki, “Exploratory, draft or “testing the waters” committees are formed solely for the purpose of determining the feasibility of an individual’s candidacy for office. The activities of exploratory committees may include polling, travel, and telephone calls to determine whether the individual should become a candidate.”

And says that filling papers to form the exploratory committee “allows him to raise and spend money for a presidential run.”

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