Dysfunctional U.S. Government root cause of immigration chaos

Using the family as an analogy to all things related to immigration is useful in that it takes a logical, reasonable approach as opposed to the emotional hysteria so commonly found in the dialogue today.

When there is dysfunctional parenting in the home there will be chaos as children run their own programs and run amok. When this happens it’s not about fixing the kids it’s about fixing the parents and the environment, it’s about breaking the chains of dysfunctional parenting. When you do that, guess what, the kids are fixed too!

Likewise, a dysfunctional executive branch, whose constitutional responsibility it is to enforce the laws of the country, and a dysfunctional legislative branch, whose laws are outdated, are the reason we are in a state of chaos. The blame needs to be placed squarely upon the shoulders of the U.S. Government et al, not the corporations who take advantage of cheap labor, nor the illegals who take advantage of all the America has to offer. Fix the Government (parent) first, then the chaos (children’s behavior) will cease.

The Government et al is the parent in this analogy and the children are all others effected by immigration policies, e.g., illegals, the employers, U.S. citizens, etc. Any discussion which blames the illegals or employers is addressing the symptom only, not the root cause. Fix and blame the U.S. Government et al first, then the chaos will subside. Try to fix and blame the illegals or the employers first and chaos will continue and progress.

What is Amnesty? What is Punishment?

Posted By Bobby Eberle On March 29, 2006 at 7:50 am

Imagine just a few short years ago if you were to talk to the average grassroots conservative and ask him or her what the chances are for having a national debate on immigration reform. After the surprised look disappeared, the person would probably say there was no chance of it occurring in a million years. My how times have changed! Now, the debate is in full swing, and it is important to address the heart of the debate and the sticking point: What is amnesty, and what is punishment?

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