The Great Satan

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Broz, thanks for the post. Your right about the epithet “The Great Satan,” made famous by Ayatollah Khomeini in the Iranian Revolution. Satan in not an imperialist. Satan is a tempter.

Islamists are sexually puritanical, to the point that dances at churches are all the evidence needed to convict the West to hell, and sufficient justification for militant jihad. Sayyid Qutb, Islamists icon, wrote in the 1950s’ of church dances, “where people of both sexes meet, mix and touch …who even go so far as to dim the lights to facilitate the fury of the dance … (T)he dance is inflamed by the notes of a gramophone (and) the dance hall becomes a whirl of heels and thighs, arms enfold hips, lips and breasts meet, and the air is full of lust.”

Sayyid Qutb writings are one of the main references for jihadists today.

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  1. Ah, but Satan is an imperialist. It is he that buys up the armies of the earth with gold and silver and false priests and rulers who oppress and reign with blood and horror on this earth. Sounds pretty imperialist to me.

  2. Open trade with the lamanites contibuted to their eventual conversion. So did Amulon teaching the Lamanited to read (Mos 24:4). However, businesses and government should not operate on social darwinistic principles e.g. law of the jungle, eat or be eaten(Rev. 13: 17).

    “And behold, I thank my great God that he has given us a portion of his Spirit to soften our hearts, that we have opened a correspondence with these brethren, the Nephites. And behold, I also thank my God, that by opening this correspondence we have been convinced of our asins, and of the many murders which we have committed” (Alma 24: 8-9).

    “And they began to be a very aindustrious people; yea, and they were friendly with the Nephites; therefore, they did bopen a correspondence with them, and the ccurse of God did no more follow them” (Alma 23: 18).

  3. “The people of the church did have great joy because of the conversion of the Lamanites, yea, because of the church of God, which had been established among them. And they did fellowship one with another, and did rejoice one with another, and did have great joy. And it came to pass that the Lamanites did also go whithersoever they would, whether it were among the Lamanites or among the Nephites; and thus they did have free intercourse one with another, to abuy and to sell, and to get gain, according to their desire” (Hel 6:3-6)

  4. This advantage to get gain by trade was also a trait of the great secret combination that brought down the Nephites:
    46 And it came to pass that the robbers of Gadianton did spread over all the face of the land; and there were none that were righteous save it were the disciples of Jesus. And gold and silver did they lay up in store in abundance, and did traffic in all manner of traffic.
    Free trade in itself is not bad I think, but the sort of economic imperialism we engage in throughout the world is not conducive to bringing those we trade with to a knowledge of the gospel.

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